Sunday, March 29, 2009


Seriously it has been too long.....

this is why I havent blogged, my days consist of this:

-more library
-take a test, or write a paper, or do an assignment, or work on a project
-maybe gym(but I start hardcore again tomorrow no worries parentals)
-wind down for like one show...maybe
-go to bed
-start over

This weekend was so relaxing though and my days this week wont be like this since I finally got over my stressful times, but before I know it finals will be here and my schedule will be worst then that mark my words! Regardless, life is good...Im healthy and happy and dont have anything to complain about really so good times all around!! Heres a little update for ya, enjoy!


This past weekend Friday ended up being such a great day! I got to sleep in and take my time getting things done. Then Ky and me went to the gym and off to the temple, which was highly needed in my life right now, and it turned out to be perfect because we saw this sweet girl named Erin that we know and were able to be with her while doing baptisms. Once we got home we got ready and headed to the BYU volleyball game with Karly and Paige, a quick trip to arbys and del taco, and then off to see "Bride Wars". It was such a fun night and I seriously LOVE these girls so much!!! Like really words cant describe so here are a few picture from our great night!

Sweet Karly and I, shes our neighbor and I honestly love her so much she is so dang cute!

AND I cant forget Ky! I've always loved her and always will, she is definitely the sister I never had!

Paige is such a great friend! Any time you need her...walk over to her apartment and whether its watching random shows with you, disney movies, honest opinions, or advice, she is the GREATEST!!


Mock Spring Break!

So Rachel and Sarah came up to visit a couple weeks ago during their spring break and because we were bitter about not having one ourselves we kinda boycotted school a bit and had so much fun spending every day with them. We hung out, talked A TON, had a two hour DANCE session in the living room, went to the draper temple open house, ate yummy food, shopped, toured Salt Lake, and tried our best to give them the good ol Provo experience! It was in a nut shell, SO FUN, and SO GOOD to get to see them and fall back into old times. I love these girls so much and am so grateful for their friendship throughout the years. Here are some highlights from our wonderful week!

*I am so dumb though and kept forgetting my camera, until Salt Lake(last day of their trip-idiot I know) but I did get some pics at least so these are from our great Salt Lake adventure!

*haha trying to be cool.....



So it's been a couple weeks since the actual time, but better late than never right! :)

Sarah Biro, my good friend from pommie/dance/highschool/days just got baptized and I am ecstatic for her and her decision to join the church. I know it was hard for her to get the courage to take the leap of faith to investigate and really search for herself, but she did, and she is so happy! I can see this incredible change in her countenance and light and it is amazing to be able to witness and be a part of it. She has always been a wonderful girl and friend, but to see the new found truth and happiness she has is such a blessing and example to me! It makes me reflect on my road to baptism and all it taught and gifted me with. She will accomplish such great things and will be an example to so many people the rest of her life. I am so proud of her and I want her to know I know she made the right choice and Heavenly Father is smiling down on her right now.