Wednesday, January 27, 2010

15 Days to Sunshine and Happiness

That's right folks I'm headed to HUNTINGTON BEACH in just 15 short days
And I cannot wait!!

The trip is going to consist of my good friends Natalie, Britt, and Whitney
I wish I could even explain our excitement for this trip because seeing as we
are ALL from sunny AZ we not only love California itself...we LOVE the sun and you
don't getmuch of it here in snowy Utah. We've got lots on the agenda but even just being with these girls=PARTY
We are going to:


Santa Monica Pier


TK burger(yes its better then in-n-out)

Tour some campuses possibly

O and did I mention...Eat?

Anywho its going to be a blast and I cannot wait!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have been blessed. Plain and simple. Last year I had such amazing roommates, Amy, Ali, and Kylee. We had fun together, NEVER got into any tiffs, could talk about everything and anything...and did this most often late at night(or rather early in the morning) after we'd all gotten home, and I truly love each one so much words cant even explain! This year Ky and I stayed in good 'ol 426 at Alpine Village and got ready to gain two new roommates, Aleesha Miller and Natalie Evans. We were stoked! I was sad to see Ali and Amy move on but excited for them and their new ventures. I wasn't worried about these girls because they are such great friends so I knew it would be a party...but I wondered how it was going to be having a new group of girls together with a new dynamic. Sure enough it has been a blast! So, back to my original statement I have been blessed to have such amazing sets of roommates and they both are unique and the BEST in their own individual way.

Recently I have been sitting back and thinking about all the hilarious times I've had with Leesh, Nat, and Ky. Seriously we are all sooo flippin weird, but beacuase of this fact we have dang fun times together. I wanted to put up a list of some 426 quotes and activities that may not make sense to all of you but none the less it will show you how random but fun we are together..enjoy!

-"It's lonely at the top"

-"You can change the size of your body...but you CANT change the size of your head"

-"I hate it when you burp!"..."Well I hate it when you dont bathe!"

-"Those who know what they want, get what they want. Those who dont know what they want, get NOTHING"

-"Look at my abs!"


-Playing rock band on a sunday evening...just us 4

-Having "story time" as Kylee reads to us from He's Just Not That Into You (P.s. every dating girl should read this it makes so much dang sense...unfortunately)


-Pouring freeeeeezing water on eachother in the shower

-Smothering Kylee with the pillows HAHAHAHAHA

-Our major love of food

So these are just a few things but moral of the story im so grateful for my roommates and I love them dearly!

The amazingly talented BYU swimmer Aleesha Miller...lovingly known as

"Leesh", plain and simple she is HILARIOUS, love her!

Natty-mc-nat-nat! Shes a model...enough said.

Ky-Ky...what would I do without her! She keeps me sane, I kid you not, if it weren't for this girl who knows what kind of random weird things I'd be doing. O and shes going to be a famous broadcast journalist one day- mark my words!