Thursday, July 26, 2012

Honeymoon in pictures (part 2)

Dinner with the Otin's!

Iquana Island

 Our resort in the iguana island

 Literally in the middle of the ocean on a boat and THIS is what it looks like? Crazy beautiful!!

Like a little boy...yes he stole a starfish...not my proudest moment as a wife.
For the record we thought it was dead.
Found out soon enough it was not and then you can guess what happened...
again-still not proud.

Pretty and bright colors on all the buildings!

$104.07 for two people.
we had no idea but now we do...
at least it was really yummy!

 All alone in the hotel's lobby and having fun with the timer

Taylor Bay to ourselves.

Farming Conchs

Our final dinner.
On the beach.

More legit of a pina colada situation :)
They were amazing!

 Saying our tearfull goodbyes.
Miss you Turks...See you soon!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Honeymoon in pictures (part 1)

Well hey there blogging peeps!
Its been awhile...

I had high hopes to be amazing this summer at blogging
annnnnd not so much. Oh well.

But I will make up for it with gorgeous pictures of Turks and Caicos...
Dont mind us in them-look past and just stare at the pretty sights.

*and if you are ever wondering what the dark spots are-its the reef full of GORGEOUS fish and sea life to see...this boy was in heaven! We ended every day at this has the best snorkling.
His first steps in the water without a white suit on and a person to baptize

A wee bit cloudy the first day and yet...STILL bright dont do justice!


 Our kitchen fror the week...the place was beautiful...our room was bigger than our apartment!

 View from our balcony

One of the multiple times we had a beach allllll to ourselves
Im telling you your trip NOW

Every day Josh took me down sketch roads and this faceis him mimicking me...I was a stress case every single time. May I mention we lost one of the rental cars' hubcaps, and our front head light popped out-now you understand why!

Story Time:
All I wanted was a pina colada on the beach.
Josh and I decided to go to this local bar and restaurant and grab one on our way back to our resort.
We walked into the bar and ordered a pina of course...
the owner of the bar was there and did everything he could not to laugh.
So although it was awkward for a bit, we left happily with our drinks in hand.
Later that week we were told-
"oh ya, jimmys dive shop, that place where they sell the illegal drugs...everyone knows about it"
hahahha we were dying we thought it was the funniest thing.
Good story to tell the grandkids...when they're older ya know!