Saturday, October 23, 2010


So I officially turned the big 2-1 on August 29th
So yes, that is approx. 2 months ago
But I struggle at blogging
and seeing as im pretty sure only my family
really follows my blog
im still going to post this because I know they'd want me to
Since my birthday was on a sunday
Some of my favorite girls(and missing many)
went out to eat on saturday!
Then on my actual was a party!
It was the day before school started
up here at the Y
so it was the first day at a new ward and
you know what that means...
When I got up to introduce myself in combined
sunday school
Bro. Neilsen (I was in the ward last year)
announces its my birthday
So I was sang to
very loudly...and very off-key
but it was so funny! And embarassing/awkward...
Then Ky announces we're having a dessert party that night
so almost all of my ward came
along with so many other dear friends...
and some peeps I didnt know...thats what happens
when you say "dessert party" in provo...
But it was a blast!!

This is blury but O how I love these guys...had to give them a shout out!
haha my friend thayne (on the left) saw this picture
and named them the "409 dream team"
...enough said
This is my good friend Dave Andrew. We've been friends for about a year and a half now and we take the credit for Kylee and Scott...just for the record...we make a good team :)
My roommates this year. I have been sooooo blessed with amazing roommates my entire college career, and these girls could not be greater, I LOVE THEM!

These are some of the most wonderful friends! Ali and Amy also made their way back to their old home, good ol #426, to support me...see im tellin ya...ive been so lucky!
O Bradley...wouldnt survive without him!
This child. Where to begin. She made the day possible! Along with lots of help from my roomies and their boys. Kylee made me a book with pictures and notes written from so many loved ones of mine. It was the best gift I could have ever been given. To those of you that contributed, once again, THANK YOU, it means more than you know!
I really had the best birthday yet!

Monday, October 4, 2010

O Happy Day

Acouple weeks ago I was stressing out.
And really I have never, and I literally mean, NEVER,
felt so stressed...
SO blessed
Let's start with the bad news first, ya?

It hit me
like a ton of bricks...
worse than I have ever felt before...
I am 21 (more on that later)
and I graduate college
in exactly 7 months
Move to Washington DC?
and what do I do?
Or do I move home?
get a masters degree?
but in what?
Not what I'm getting my undergrad in..
But should I so that its not a waste??
Who knows...
All these answers are still undecided.
Im relaxed and not worried.
Dont get me wrong.
Im terrified.
I realized something.
Life will figure itself out.
HE is not going to leave me hanging
I just have to do the best I can!
And Ill be where Im supposed to be

Now onto the blessings...
I had the opportunity to help Kylee film.
a news story for KBYU.
We went to the Utah National Guard Air Base
to watch 39 soldiers come home and greet their families after
one year of deployment.
Yes, that's right, ONE YEAR.
I had the exxxxxtreme pleasure of standing
in the middle of loved ones reuniting with their
heroic soldier while tears streamed down my face.
These men and women SACRIFICE so much for us...and they
DO NOT get the credit they deserve, not in the slightest.
I was blessed to be able to talk to so many people while
I was there and relay my experiences as an army brat.
I also got to brag about my dad :)
I dont think I had ever felt so proud.
It was truly an awesome experience.

Natalie and Rachel stayed with me a little bit ago
It was so good to see them.

Rachel brightens my day, shes amazing, and I LOVE her.

And Natalie, man did I need her.
I have not seen her for 3 1/2 months!
She gets me like no one else.
She knows what she needs to say to me
and when to push me.
I even broke down in zupas public...crying...I know...
because I was so happy to have her in front of me
just listening to me
and offering comforting words.
Thanks Nat

I went to 3 out of 4 sessions of conference in the C.C.
Then I went to a luncheon with the presidencies of
Relief Society, Young Womens, and Primary.
I met Sister Beck, Sister Dalton (she told me I sparkled :),
and Sister Wixon, along with some counselors, and board members.
They are all incredible
SO happy and such examples
It was such a wonderful experience!

I went to a fireside where Stephanie (nienie) Nielson spoke.
It. was. amazing.
She's amazing.
What an example to us all!
Suz and I got there early, stood in line, and got good seats
this was a challenge...
But it was worth it.
She spoke about being beautiful.
Which, according to her, AND Heavenly Father,
each one of us are.
She was right...we all are.
She shared an amazing experience and I was once again
testified to that the Lord knows us, and he is aware of us.
How blessed are we?

AND my parents cam up to visit me
O how I needed that.
I needed my dad to tell me what to do with my life
And then for my mom to what you want :)
I love them
More than I could express.
Im 21, yet no one can make me feel like my parents can
I am so thankful.

So all in all it has been a fabulous past couple weeks
Lots of ups and downs, but the ups totally outweighed it all!
Just like Presdient Monson said in conference,
all about an "Attitude of Gratitude"