Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DC day 1

So this trip may have been a month and a half ago

but better late than never

and this is mainly for Suz

and myself

so its getting posted :)

I went to visit one of my dear and best friends

Miss Suzette Swallow

(who I miss terribly)

in her recent stomping grounds of


when she found out this was where she would be in the fall

I assured her I would be paying her a visit

she didnt believe me

but you bet your bottom dollar on

that October 20th morning

I stepped off a plane on the other side of the country

and it was a blast

I took the red-eye out on wednesday and had a layover in Boston

lets just say sleep wasnt really on the agenda this trip

But I successfully got to DC

checked in at Suz's apartment

and headed to the capitol to finally see ms. suz

It was grand reunion!

we then took a tour of her office

met everyone in her office

took a legit tour of the main capitol building

and if you know suz...we went where we werent supposed to and never waited in line

of course

then it was back to pick up our stuff and head out...

we went downtown to eat dinner at this yummy burger joint

then to gelato to meet miss kendis

(o how I miss the days of the 5th)

Then Suz and I decided to head to the White House

and experience some touristy fun

On our way back towards the metro we decided to stop for pictures

naturally (thank me for not overloading...because these are like 1/100000)

o and then ya know

check out the occupy DC protest


is all I can say to this

Suz was dead set on heading here...

so we did...

I was afraid for a bit but then I realized how funny it was

and it made my night

Moreeeeee to come!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Ky Ky

It is this child's birthday

she is 23

can you believe that?!

I cant...I swear it was yesterday that we met at age 15


or Kyky to me

is one of my very very very best friends

and seeing as she lives in Mississippi (sad)

and I cant be there to celebrate with her

this public declaration will have to do

Here are 23 things I love about Ky

-she is a riot...can always make me laugh

-shes always late...I pretend like I hate this but if she wasnt she just wouldnt be Ky

-she is the best broadcast reporter ever

-she braved living with me for 3 straight years

-she has the most bright and contagious smile

-she is so gorgeous inside and out

-she is perhaps the most gospel strong gal I know

-she always writes thank you notes

-she hardly wears makeup and is still stunning

-she loves her family more than anything

-she would drop everything to do anything for me...or anyone for that matter

-she took me to newport with her like a billion times

-she is the best quarterback the punishers ever had

-she wakes up really chipper...like really chipper

-she has the best boyfriend whom I also love

-she loves to travel

-she stays true to what she wants, goes after it, and gets it

-she refreshingly doesnt care what others think...she does what she knows

and feels is right no matter what

-she is the only person I have ever met that can say "fag" and it be so funny no one could take it

offensively...I mean no one

-she calls her dad, Douglas, not dad

-she has been there countless times to listen when im crying and can always make me feel better

-she is going to be big time one day in the news world...and I cant wait to boast that shes my best friend

-Last but not least, my favorite thing about ky, is that although I miss her like the dang dickens and it sucks being away from her, I never worry that we'll lose a step or lose touch. She will always be there for me and we will always be the best of friends...I know she'll always love me and goodness knows I will always love her

I love you Ky

I miss you more than you know

Happy birthday best friend!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am so grateful for this day

I absolutely love thanksgiving

It starts off the holidays,

its spent with all your family,

its full of food (duh)

and it reminds you the impprtance of being grateful...

although we should be remembering this each day

it never hurts to get a nudge right?

I have so much to be grateful for

I am truly blessed

so I had to take a few minutes to write just some of very special blessings

My family

We are random and different from one another

but still so much alike at the same time

My parents are my rock and my best friends

My brothers teach me something new all the time

and the rest of my family are the ones I know will always be there

I know these people are mine for a reason

I love them so much


the opportunity to explore and travel

throughout my entire life

has been incredible

It has given me some of my greatest memories
and taught me some of my greatest lessons

My friends

haha its no secret: I have a million best friends

I call everyone my best friends

and I mean it

I used to cry and cry if my mom wouldnt let me "play" or "hang out"

I would say, and I quote

"but my friends are all I have, they are what get me through my week"



But I was serious

I love my friends very deeply and they truly are one of my greatest blessings

A phone

O thank goodness for my phone!

Kylee is in mississippi

Suz is in DC

Brooke is in Hawaii

Scott is in NYC

Brad, Chels, Torrie, Daniel...and way more

are in Utah

being away from these people has been heartbreaking

but I am beyond thankful that I can still talk to them whenever

its makes missing them a little easier...

a very little...but still!


I am healthy and able to do whatever I want

I am young and excited for my life ahead

I complain about not being/looking exactly the way I want


I have to do the above ^

because Heavenly Father blessed me with this body

I should be thanking my lucky stars for its health

and then putting it to good use

This boy

Dont know what I would do without him

He truly treats me the way I know any father would be proud

He loves me unconditionally no matter my moments

He makes me happier than I have ever been

I am SO grateful

Most importantly:

This place and the gospel it represents
Seven years ago I discovered something and I had no idea where it'd take me

It was the absolute best decision of my life

I gained a relationship with my Heavenly Father and my Savior

The gospel has brought me so much peace, joy, comfort, happiness...

the list could go on

How grateful I am for a plan, an eternal plan

and for the chance to live my family forever

Friday, November 11, 2011

Lieutenant Colonel Hink

(So this is a little late...I tried to get it posted on friday but wasnt working...better late than never!)

This is my Veteran Dad

Lt. Colonel Hink

He is pretty awesome

and he served our country for

26 years in the US Army.

I could list all of his military accomplishments,

but I know I won't do them justice...

or even be able to list all of them.

But when I say he was/is a big deal,

I am not exaggerating.

(third from the left)

He has sacrificed so much for my family

and for all of us.

I could not be more proud.

(2nd from left..what a stud)

On friday morning when I told him

thank you

He said...

I feel bad when people tell me thank you for my service

because I enjoyed it and I feel like it wasnt service...

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Welp there you have it.

Like I said: he is awesome.

He sacrificed a ton and yet he feels guilty for being thanked

all because he enjoyed serving.

I love you Dad and Happy late Veteran's Day

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This semester has been quite the whirlwind

but so much fun.

Im graduated and have a real job

so I figured...

why not travel!


Well it has been worth it for sure!
My bank account may not agree...

but I say nows my chance so take advantage.

I am happy to be done and home though

for now of course :)

I started with California in September

(these are pretty much the only pics I have...I accidentally erased them in New York...sad day)

We flew out to Carlsbad to stay with Josh's family for the weekend

I fell IN LOVE with the quaint town, it is adorable!

The weekend was filled with LOTS of family and little kids

It was honestly the perfect weekend

Then it was off to Utah

to see many best friends

my old stomping grounds

my favorite family

my favorite eateries

and to all around have a grand ol time

Then off to our cabin in pinetop with my family.

Mom, Dad, Chris, Josh, and Uncle Bill...

made for a wonderful weekend.

We went into some interesting stores (ahem josh)...and some adorable ones

We ate
We moved furniture

We vegged

We rode the go-carts (where dad and josh collided..haha see below)

and had a blast!

Then less than a week later I left for DC and NEW YORK

To visit this bestie-beauty of mine
More on our adventures later...

Monday, October 24, 2011

East Coast Livin'

Got back last night from 4 days of amazingness on the east coast

Ask anyone that knows me...

I am fascinated with the east coast

So naturally, I loved every minute

(Again, no camera cord...so a complete update soon)

We packed so much into those 4 days...we are exhausted

but it was o so worth it

Amongst everything we fit in,

heres a little preview-

I took the red-eye out on wednesday night and got to DC on thursday

I met up with this lovely lady

in her super cool National Capitol Building office

Doesn't she look legit? Yep. She is.

we ate breakfast at my favorite...The Corner Bakery

Had the most gorgeous view everywhere we went

visited Georgetown

I am in love

THEN we headed to New York City to stay with this guy

I am obsessed with NYC too

Everything about it is incredible

and the weather was beautifully perfect

The gorgeous temple

Central Park
the fabulous Suz

Cant beat Times Square

It was a blast!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ohhhh P-Utah

So I have plenty of happenings to update...but I kinda lost my camera cord

soooo all those will have to wait.

BUT thanks to instagram (obsessed with)

I have these v lovelies to document

The trip was perfect and just what I needed.

I needed another chance to say bye to Provo and my life there.

I saw the whole world...literally.

It was the greatest part about it!

Heavenly Father knew I needed that and I am so grateful.

Among the random run-ins and planned get togethers, I...

went to a wedding

ate at all my favorite Provo eateries

had lunch with this beauty

walked my old route to school (haha)

visited with sister gygi...shes amazing

wandered around campus

visited the fifth floor (yes pathetic I know)

ate lunch with all my mesa girls and laughed LOUDLY

watch a football game in the alpine village clubhouse

visited the BYU bookstore candy shop (Suz this was for you)

Went to a wonderful birthday party and saw SO many people I miss

Saw much missed best friends (wish I had pictures of all of them)

went to my old ward...seriously I was so lucky in that department

went to ward prayer

sat in the courtyard and talked with friends...just like I did every sunday

visited one of my favorite families-The Banks (cant wait till they move back in 2 years)

It was amazing to say the least.

I had a blast and THANK YOU to everyone who let me sleep on their couch, and who put the time into entertaining me...you are all the best and I love you!

Then I got to come back to this face thank goodness

Its shocking hes smiling in this picture...his dislike for BYU is heartbreaking for a bleeding blue coug like me...but I guess no one is perfect right?!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cali bound

In exactly 10 hours I will be boarding a plane and heading....


Carlsbad, California

I have never been and the word excited does not do my feelings justice


those are my places

but this is new and I can not wait!

Highlights from the trip soon!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Aloha Brookie

Brookie Baby

Aka Brooke Skousen

One of my long time besties

Just moved to Hawaii

In highschool we were literally inseperable...seriously not an exaggeration

And throughout our last years of college and adventures

We have done great at keeping in touch...

and not so great at other times...

but whenever we are back together

Nothing has changed.

I feel so so so grateful for the last 2 months.

I have been able to see her almost every day

and I have LOVED IT

So to my dear Brooke...

Good luck!

I will miss you so much

but I am so excited for you!

Kenz and I have already spent hours crying,

but we will see you in 4 months

AND every sunday by means of the wonderful invention of technology

I love you lots and am so grateful to have you in my life.

Thank you for being an amazing friend

and for always making me laugh!

Go be social

and dont forget to bring home a polynesian :)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So lots has happened in the life of Katelin recently

I got surgery

I got a job

I turned 22

One best friend got engaged

Another best friend is moving to Hawaii

Yet another one (the one im used to waking up to everyday) moved to Mississippi

And this is all in a matter of 1 month...

and the month before that I moved back home

It has been crazy to say the least

but O so fun!

I ironically turned 22 on the day that BYU had their first day of school

It was weird...

the whole being an adult and working on your birthday

and at the same time realizing you arent at BYU in class,

doing school...like I have for the last 21 years

It was definitely bittersweet.

I miss it and the people but I am so grateful for where I'm at right now

I KNOW this is where I am supposed to be

and my life has fallen into place like I never imagined

Another testament to everything being just as it should

So I guess the biggest news is that I am officially a


(speech-language pathologist assistant)

mouth full huh?

To be one of these super cool peeps you have to:

Graduate with a bachelors degree in ComD or Speech


Complete 100 hours of clinical work with speech clients


Apply for a license with the Dept of Health


sooooo the end result being me as the

haha yaaaa right

I honestly have no idea what I got myself into

I am working at a charter school and I am on my own

I see my SLP once a week...maybe

and thats just for housekeeping stuff

I plan therapy

I am in charge of writing goals

I am responsible for these little kiddos in achieving better speech and language

No pressure right???

Im hanging in and trying my best and it is so fun

Just a bit stressful....

but im learning a lot

I feel so thankful that I found a job in my field right out of college

So heres to me trying to become the best speech teacher

haha we shall see!

At least the kids like me because I bring them their favorite candy right? All that matters.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big day

This is Jessica (Johnson) Mitchell

And she is having a baby today

I could not be more excited for her and cameron!

I got a bit nostalgic for the good ol days and had to write a shout out post

Jess and I met in 6th grade

We became fast friends when we realized we had a beauty mark on the same spot

She introdcued me to the church

Her family took me in as their own

And I will forever love her more than I can say

Then, in 9th grade she developed a crush on a boy

His name was Cameron Mitchell

I still vividly remember the day he came home from hawaii

on the last day of school

and told me he liked her too AND that I could tell her

I was so excited to inform my best friend the great news!

Now here we are, about 7 years later

and those two are married and having a baby!

Crazy how things work out...

Jess and I have been through our fair share of ups and downs together

But when I think back to my childhood...I think of her

She has had so much to do with my life

and we have gone through so much together

I love you Jess and im excited for your new adventure as a mom!






And here is missy whit...

Its her birthday today and she is 22

That means in exactly 27 days...im 22 too!

hahaha I love you whitley

^She is the sister I never had...and I tell you what, by the way we act

you would totally believe we are blood related :)

She left me at 18 to marry the love of her life...

bummer for a bit, but amazing I have come to find!

She is happy, generous, loving, crazy fun, an amazing cook, and just the best all around

Shes been with me since we were in 7th grade.

Her family is my family

And they will be forever

I love you whit and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Not to be rude...but you dont deserve to have a blog"

This ^ was a text I received from one of my very best friends just yesterday. I had to laugh, but I know she is completely right. So I decided I need to be better...whether people look at this or not, it'll be for my own gain.

To start, I guess I should say...

I am a college graduate!


As exciting as it is, it was harder for me to grasp than I thought it would be.

I feel like it was in an instant and my childhood was gone.

Now on to real world jobs, paying bills, and a whole different type of responsibility

I loved every minute of my time in college.

I loved BYU

I loved the zoobiness (as much as we made fun of it...we all secretly loved it)

I loved the games

I loved 5th floor "study" habits

I loved meeting new people

I loved the emotional breakdowns because they made me stronger

I loved the trials because they taught me so much

I loved being spiritually strengthened every day

I loved the people and the lasting relationships I made

I loved being the "punching bag" to absorb everyones problems because it meant they loved me and trusted me

I loved living with amazing girls

I loved funny dating stories

I loved watching my friends fall in love

I loved ALL of my wards

I loved feeling loved all the time

I loved gaining an appreciation for Arizona and my home

and most of all...

I loved finding out who I am and becoming confidant in who I (think) am meant to be
The day of graduation I couldn't help but be sentimental.

I sat with tears in my eyes as I watched my best friends in my major walk across the stage with a huge smile on their face and realized who knows if and when I will ever see them again.

I thought back to each person I met and the impact they had on me.

It is remarkable...the people I met and the amazing light they showed to me.

I gained relationships I will have forever

I learned lessons I will have forever

I am totally and completely changed because of my time at BYU

And where in the world where I be without these two?? I recently had the opportunity to go to girls camp and help teach a workshop to all the cute campers. As three other girls and I sat in front of these younger girls, we tried our best to tell them everything we wish we would have known in school. One of the things I reiterated over and over was this: YOUR PARENTS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. It took me awhile, but I figured that out. And these two are no different. All they want is the best for me and they believe in me more than anyone. I could not be more thankful for them!

So this is me, a newly graduated BYU alumni at just 21. I am young, excited, nervous, happy, and scared out of my mind all at the same time. It is so interesting how life works...and how fast it goes. I had a hard time leaving this world and stepping into an unknown new one...but I know itll be great. Another one of my best friends said as I left Provo, "I feel bad for people who look back on college as the best time of their life. It was great and fun but the best is yet to come". So here is my new motto...The best is yet to come

And I cannot wait!