Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This semester has been quite the whirlwind

but so much fun.

Im graduated and have a real job

so I figured...

why not travel!


Well it has been worth it for sure!
My bank account may not agree...

but I say nows my chance so take advantage.

I am happy to be done and home though

for now of course :)

I started with California in September

(these are pretty much the only pics I have...I accidentally erased them in New York...sad day)

We flew out to Carlsbad to stay with Josh's family for the weekend

I fell IN LOVE with the quaint town, it is adorable!

The weekend was filled with LOTS of family and little kids

It was honestly the perfect weekend

Then it was off to Utah

to see many best friends

my old stomping grounds

my favorite family

my favorite eateries

and to all around have a grand ol time

Then off to our cabin in pinetop with my family.

Mom, Dad, Chris, Josh, and Uncle Bill...

made for a wonderful weekend.

We went into some interesting stores (ahem josh)...and some adorable ones

We ate
We moved furniture

We vegged

We rode the go-carts (where dad and josh collided..haha see below)

and had a blast!

Then less than a week later I left for DC and NEW YORK

To visit this bestie-beauty of mine
More on our adventures later...