Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bijou Market

So a little while ago Rachel, Natalie, Aleesha, and I ventured to
The Bijou Market.
It's this craft/vintage market held at a beautiful estate in orem each year.
It includes 50 vendors, most of them featured on etsy.
As you can imagine this was a much anticipated event for us for during the weeks leading up, seeing as Nat and I love anything to do with clothes, jewelry, crafts,
hair accesories, and decorations.
Rach had just moved into town so when she came along, with her super cute styled self, she was loving just as much as us! I know leesh had fun too :)
It was so much fun spending time with girls I love and of course finding awesome buys.
Seeing as I'm kindof a shopaholic I had to limit 2 necklaces it was!
The first:

(I love teal, and the picture doesn't do justice but it has the insides of a clock mounted on the outside. It's very different and neat looking)

The second:

Ok, this is my favorite...and let me tell you why.
The maker of this necklace was so neat!
She was a sweetheart.

I have been looking for a necklace with my initial, but wanted to find one I loved.
I got to the "Ritzy Misfit" table, and BAM I was sold.
The maker's name is Brooke and as she explained to me how she made each pendant and how each one is unique and beautiful in their own way, just like each of us.
She melts lead metal and stamps it with the design and each dry differently.

Notice anything??
(please ignore the cheesy self portrait)

She tells me how the bachelorette's, Jilian and Ali, have both worn them. Kendra from "The Girls Next Door" too. Well I love the bachelorette, its a guilty pleasure, so that made the whole experience and purchase even more exciting! (yes thats pathetic im aware)
But all in all I couldn't be happier with my purcahse, I wear it all the time. AND Rach got one too, so we decided they could be friendship neckalces :) Haha I love her!


And here's cute Nat shopping away, absolutely loving life

Saturday, June 12, 2010

So long, I'll miss you

This is Miss Natalie Evans.
(yes, yet another tribute...enter at your own risk)
She is my partner in crime.
Lately we have been getting emotional on a constant basis knowing
we have now only 5 days left together as roomies.
Not only as roomies, but in college..provo..together.
Nat is graduating( YAYYYY CONGRATS!)
But that means shes out of Provo and on to bigger & better things.
Which then causes me to be extremely bummed.

I constantly tell her I don't know what I am going to do.
No joke...I get anxiety over it.
I have great friends, but there are just certain people that have a
real impact on you, and you CLICK with.
Most of my other besties have bf's so where does my life fit in
without my "always can count on" DATE, Natalie??
Bottom line, I'm really sad she's leaving me and I am going to miss her, but I am so excited for her, she has some great times a comin'.
Here are some awesome facts about and things I love about Miss Natalie.
-She just threw away her pink vans...thats a big deal
-She'll make a fabulous nurse
-She's very intelligent
-Our theme song is "My life would suck without you"
-She's an amazing dancer
-Her "hood-dances" are legendary
-We met in Junior High
-We became good friends Senior year in HS
-We became best friends in college
-She looooves music
-She loves to talk on the phone
-She is a conflicted soul
-She's a chocolate theif
-She's sensitive about her sleep/noise...(haha I love you Nat)
-She's an extremely loyal friend
-"Welp, time for my second dinner!"
-We love to have dance parties in our apartment (hence the robot pic)
-She's extremely faithful and trusting
-She has the best teeth/ smile
-She analyzes with me
-She is musically talented
-She is very clean/ organized
-She is seriously really funny
-She can make you feel better when bummed...usually by doing or saying something funny
-Hard to believe but I'll miss her long "getting ready" routine
-She's protective in good way
-She loves snack packs
-She'll make an incredible wife and mother
-Most of all I'll miss watching movies with her, just us, when everyone else is out hanging out we're content to just hang out together and entertain ourselves...haha so many good memories!
I Love you Nattie-mc-nat-nat, thanks for being my best friend!
Go have an adventure, but remember Provo will be missing you!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I had an epiphany the other day.
It is uncanny how similar we are as adults to the way we were as children.
(Ok maybe not totally unfathomable but considering all the developing and growing up we do, it is so cool how similar we remain all our life)
Anyways, in human development recently my teacher talked about children and their self soothing tactics. He mentioned that often those same tactics carry over to what we do as adults.

Exhibit A: As he is talking about this I am "ganking" on my paper edge.
(Ganking is a name my parentals made up for when I was little and would take the ends of anything smooth i.e. a tag, blanket end, etc, and rub it against and in my finger nails...weird I know) Anywho, I am 20 and without even thinking about it I am "ganking" while this very thought is brought up. I do it ALL the time, like multiple times every day. It is a way for me to calm down and be comforted. Odd, but true.

Exhibit B: We also talked about child temperment and how that carries over throughout a life span(for the most part) So what did I do? I called the parentals and asked what I was like as a baby. NOTHING has changed.
A laugher
Not much of a crier
Stops dead in my tracks when someone starts to tickle my arm or back
Grumpy when hungry but easily soothed
and the clincher...EASILY DISTRACTED.
I informed Natalie about all of this and when I said this last one she started laughing and said, "yep, nothing's changed!"
hahahaha so sad.
Its terrible how easily distracted I am in everything.
It is a bad habit and a resolution of mine to change.
ANYWAYS, I thought this was interesting...probably not to most of you but thats ok im sure mom and dad will get a kick out of it :)

Also, as an ode to our childhood, a couple weeks ago it was our friend Jake's birthday. After getting dinner at Happy Sumo we headed over to a new candy/toy store called BLICKENSTAFF'S at the Riverwoods.
Seriously, it is like the coolest place ever.
Us college kids were in heaven.
Here are some pictures of the place...we had a blast as you can tell,

The birthday boy!

hahahahaha Matt is my favorite in this, hiding behind Scott with a mouth full of candy. Ps Scott is the one on the elephant and the elephant's name is naturally, Kylee. (Natalie's thought process not mine, check it on fb you'll see)

This was taken for respects of AV #426..."Harmony in the Animal Kingdom"

Who the heck knows

wallssssssssss of candy, this was only one section

Completely made out of candy...a kid's dream...ok Natalie's and mine too

PS: I am going home in exactly 2 weeks to spend 2 whole months in my lovely mesatown. I cannot wait! Provo: you are good to me...well most of the time...but I need a break. Im stoked for contintuos sunshine and weather I can count on, even if it is 110 degrees. Excited for a funfilled drive down too....nat and I having some serious chats about life (whats new) and an overnight stay in Vegas with some darling girls. Now just 4 more tests and I am outta here!