Wednesday, December 16, 2009

T-Minus 55 hours...

Sooooo Im sitting here in my cubby on the fifth floor of the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU trying my best to study up a storm for the next 4 finals I need to take...obviously its not going so well at the why not blog right?!

How many finals did I have all together?


How many of those are my grades completely reliant on?


Ya, this semester has been so rough, I feel like everyone tells you when you get into your major classes its easier because you love it supposedly...well not so much the case for me. As much as we all hate GE's I kinda enjoyed them because I love learning random things about random subjects! Also, I do enjoy my major but because its small here at the Y we dont have much of a variety in teaching and teaching styles...making it slightly difficult for me to fall in love with. Regardless I am happy I have a technical major that will open many doors and I am thankful for the opportunity I have to obtain such a great education from an amazing school!!

Moral of the story though throughout the semester talking to different friends, we all agree, junior year is quite the challenge! You would think by now we would have study habits figured out and ways to better prioritze and manage our time but that is NOT the case. Kylee and I were chatting and realized as you get older you know wayyyy more people, I cant walk anywhere- even to get a drink of water- without seeing someone I know! As fun as it is that just means I want to hang out more and spend time catching up with lots of different people...well this week, FINALS week has been no exception. Ky and I sit here and just stare at our computers because we cannot focus! We study, dont wory dad, but we are so burnt out from killing oursleves throughout the semester we have no more motivation, energy, or desire. All I can do is keep in mind there is an end in sight and work to crank it out these next 49 hours until I will be finally walking out of my last test! Until then all I can do is sit and dream about the following instead:

Yes, sadly this is first on my list, but when my southwest flight touches down a Sky Harbor Airport I will be jumping for joy I kid you not!

The temple lights....I LOVE the Mesa temple and even better when there are lights all around it celebrating the spirit of Christmas!

Tempe Marketplace atChristmas...not only do I love tempe marketplace but I love going home to familiarity and being able to shop with christmas songs and decorations everywhere!

This lovely group of people..and shelby...I am so excited to see and spend time with!!!

-The wonderful people in my ward family I miss throughout the year

-My friends still in Mesa or off to school other places



-No school to worry about

-Watching movies with my mom

-Eating lots of good food and treats

-Pommie reunions

-Being able to be in a place that I can call home and that holds so many amazing memories for me...I love love love mesa!!!

See ya in 55 hours!

And wish me luck...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here's to YOU!

So today is VETERANS DAY as everyone I'm sure knows and I couldn't get away without giving a shout out to my wonderful DAD!! I wanted to take a moment and brag about my aweomse dad and let him know how proud of him I am. Daddy Hink is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and it is one of my very favorite things about him. The man the Army helped my dad become is who I love more and more each day. There is just something about Dad's and the amazing never-ending knowledge they seem to have. Without fail, I call him everyday with a new question or concern and whatever it may ALWAYS gets answered! Amazing how that works, huh? Anyways, I regard my childhood as the best thing ever! I got the chance to live and travel throughout Europe and the United States due to my dad's assignments and I only have the best memories from those times. I highly respect the way my dad has raised me incorporating the things he esteems as most important in life and I never fail to learn a new lesson from him every day. Sometimes I'm not sure if he realizes how VERY VERY PROUD of him I am for his service in The United States Army. He loves his country and would lay his life down for it and any of us in a heart beat.

I am thankful for your example Dad and thank you for everything you do...I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

OkOk....My own dad called me out

Sooooo yes it has been quite awhile since I have updated this, I had trouble getting to it because I felt like I had no one looking at it...which isnt the case THANKS SO MUCH for the comments and those that told me you look at it :) but haha lets get real my life is NOT exciting. BUT then I realized that I love to blogstalk, and I know other people do too :) so why not humor you and I both. Also like my title says, my own dad called me out about not updating so I really want to keep up so my family back home can see what I am up to! Anyways here are a few updates from the summer and whats happened so far this fall...hope you enjoy!!



This fall has already been so fun! I have met tons of new people, got back into the routine of school, been having great weather up here in provo, done new things, and have the ropes of BYU and ptown down so much better than last year. Although I miss Amy and Ali a lot it is super fun having Natalie and Aleesha living with me and Kylee, and Kylee back for that matter! School is rough this year...getting into my upper level major classes but I like the challenge and I have gotten MUCH better at studying thank goodness :) Its going to be a great year, I just know it, and Im stoked to see where it takes me!

I had my 2oth birthday...FINALLY. Seriously can I just say how excited I am to not be 19 anymore...crazy being out of the teens now though but still great none the less!

THANK YOU to wonderful friends who threw me a dessert party to celebrate AND to the one and only talented Amy Giles who made this awesome cake

Caught up with friends who have been gone all summer

AND had the first BYU home football game


Soaked up the last few months with the amazing girls in our ward...tons moved out of ward this year and seriously no ward will ever compare to the girls we had last year, they were ALL amazing

Hung out ALL THE TIME with these dear girls

80s dancing...always classic


Went kayaking on Utah lake...hahaha quite the experience

Celebrated lots of birthdays

Ali and Jordan got engaged!

We threw Ali a shower

Went to Seattle with the family

Lots and lots of wedding stuff!

Mr. and Mrs. Christensen!

Mr. and Mrs. Porter!

And Paige came to visit good ol Mesa

So there is a was a great summer. Now back to reality and the school year. Thanks for reading my TOO LONG of a post!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Seriously it has been too long.....

this is why I havent blogged, my days consist of this:

-more library
-take a test, or write a paper, or do an assignment, or work on a project
-maybe gym(but I start hardcore again tomorrow no worries parentals)
-wind down for like one show...maybe
-go to bed
-start over

This weekend was so relaxing though and my days this week wont be like this since I finally got over my stressful times, but before I know it finals will be here and my schedule will be worst then that mark my words! Regardless, life is good...Im healthy and happy and dont have anything to complain about really so good times all around!! Heres a little update for ya, enjoy!


This past weekend Friday ended up being such a great day! I got to sleep in and take my time getting things done. Then Ky and me went to the gym and off to the temple, which was highly needed in my life right now, and it turned out to be perfect because we saw this sweet girl named Erin that we know and were able to be with her while doing baptisms. Once we got home we got ready and headed to the BYU volleyball game with Karly and Paige, a quick trip to arbys and del taco, and then off to see "Bride Wars". It was such a fun night and I seriously LOVE these girls so much!!! Like really words cant describe so here are a few picture from our great night!

Sweet Karly and I, shes our neighbor and I honestly love her so much she is so dang cute!

AND I cant forget Ky! I've always loved her and always will, she is definitely the sister I never had!

Paige is such a great friend! Any time you need her...walk over to her apartment and whether its watching random shows with you, disney movies, honest opinions, or advice, she is the GREATEST!!


Mock Spring Break!

So Rachel and Sarah came up to visit a couple weeks ago during their spring break and because we were bitter about not having one ourselves we kinda boycotted school a bit and had so much fun spending every day with them. We hung out, talked A TON, had a two hour DANCE session in the living room, went to the draper temple open house, ate yummy food, shopped, toured Salt Lake, and tried our best to give them the good ol Provo experience! It was in a nut shell, SO FUN, and SO GOOD to get to see them and fall back into old times. I love these girls so much and am so grateful for their friendship throughout the years. Here are some highlights from our wonderful week!

*I am so dumb though and kept forgetting my camera, until Salt Lake(last day of their trip-idiot I know) but I did get some pics at least so these are from our great Salt Lake adventure!

*haha trying to be cool.....



So it's been a couple weeks since the actual time, but better late than never right! :)

Sarah Biro, my good friend from pommie/dance/highschool/days just got baptized and I am ecstatic for her and her decision to join the church. I know it was hard for her to get the courage to take the leap of faith to investigate and really search for herself, but she did, and she is so happy! I can see this incredible change in her countenance and light and it is amazing to be able to witness and be a part of it. She has always been a wonderful girl and friend, but to see the new found truth and happiness she has is such a blessing and example to me! It makes me reflect on my road to baptism and all it taught and gifted me with. She will accomplish such great things and will be an example to so many people the rest of her life. I am so proud of her and I want her to know I know she made the right choice and Heavenly Father is smiling down on her right now.


Monday, February 9, 2009

*For Suzette* and some LOVE to go with it

Sooooo I have definitely been out of the blogging world for quite a while...not without stalking of course....but posting is for sure not something that has been on my list of things to do. However my dear friend Suzette kindly reminded me that I need to keep this up! So because I know she does it and is so good at it, my attempt is to now and continually keep it going! Sadly I was trying to think of fun things I've done but I got nothing. So therefore I decided to give a shout out about Valentines day!

Soooo this weekend is we all know...the glorious holiday for celebrating love! Personally I don't think you should focus on one day a year to do this, but it is such a fun holiday with couples feeling special...and not to mention the treats! I joke often how Im such a loner because my three wonderful roommates all have boys and my love life is well....non existent- BUT honestly I really have nothing to complain about! I have such a great life and I feel so THANKFUL and BLESSED! So therefore I am going to list a few things that I love in my life in respects to February 14th!

-My Family...I have the greatest parents in the world and I feel so lucky to call them mine! They are so supportive and are always encouraging helping me to believe I can accomplish anything. They love me infinitely and they have made sure I've known that every day of my life. My brothers are so great as well! They truly are my protectors and would do anything for me. Not to mention my grandparents and how wonderful they are!!

-The gospel....I love love love this gospel and am so grateful for its power in my life. How amazing that I am a member of the church of Christ and how grateful I am for him and my Heavenly Father and the comfort and love they show me everyday

-My friends....Seriously they are all amazing! Enough said. Whether I have friends I've known for years, or even just a semester, I am so blessed and I love each one so much

-My roommates...Now keep in mind all three of these ladies are also in the "friend" category :) but I have to give a special shout-out to them. I LOVE these girls! Hearing about drama and tension in so many other apartments, I couldn't be more grateful for Amy, Ali, and Kylee. They are all so sweet and I have especially loved becoming closer and better friends with each of them. They make life so easy to live with and are there whenever you need them. I love these girls so very very much!!

-Mesa....haha funny thing to say I love, but I do! I get to go home this weekend actually and spend 4 days in good ol M-town and I could not be more excited! The reason I love it though is holds my family, old friends, wonderful neighbors and people, warm weather, and last but not least, the BEST memories I have ever had. I have had more fun and lessons learned in Mesa than anywhere else thus far and that town is truly a place that I love

-BYU...Now to begin dont get me wrong but I have definitely had my fair share of venting sessions about BYU, and college in general, I guess you could say. But this university in a school that I love. Well in better terms, its a bitter-sweet relationship. After going to MCC I feel so grateful to go to a school where the students share your beliefs and standards, class often starts with a prayer, and the teachers(most of the time) really do just want to get the best out of you so they can help get the best FOR you. The classes are hard but you learn a lot and I am thankful for my parents support for letting me come here!

*A few other things*

-the beach





-snow(when you dont have to walk in it :)



-treats (Chocolate especially)

-mexican food(preferably in mesa)

-the Army

-summer bike rides

-good books

So these are just a few things of which I LOVE...I really am looking forward to this holiday and hope everyone has such a great one...I know I will since Im so excited for my valentines date with the parentals! ha! :)