Wednesday, December 16, 2009

T-Minus 55 hours...

Sooooo Im sitting here in my cubby on the fifth floor of the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU trying my best to study up a storm for the next 4 finals I need to take...obviously its not going so well at the why not blog right?!

How many finals did I have all together?


How many of those are my grades completely reliant on?


Ya, this semester has been so rough, I feel like everyone tells you when you get into your major classes its easier because you love it supposedly...well not so much the case for me. As much as we all hate GE's I kinda enjoyed them because I love learning random things about random subjects! Also, I do enjoy my major but because its small here at the Y we dont have much of a variety in teaching and teaching styles...making it slightly difficult for me to fall in love with. Regardless I am happy I have a technical major that will open many doors and I am thankful for the opportunity I have to obtain such a great education from an amazing school!!

Moral of the story though throughout the semester talking to different friends, we all agree, junior year is quite the challenge! You would think by now we would have study habits figured out and ways to better prioritze and manage our time but that is NOT the case. Kylee and I were chatting and realized as you get older you know wayyyy more people, I cant walk anywhere- even to get a drink of water- without seeing someone I know! As fun as it is that just means I want to hang out more and spend time catching up with lots of different people...well this week, FINALS week has been no exception. Ky and I sit here and just stare at our computers because we cannot focus! We study, dont wory dad, but we are so burnt out from killing oursleves throughout the semester we have no more motivation, energy, or desire. All I can do is keep in mind there is an end in sight and work to crank it out these next 49 hours until I will be finally walking out of my last test! Until then all I can do is sit and dream about the following instead:

Yes, sadly this is first on my list, but when my southwest flight touches down a Sky Harbor Airport I will be jumping for joy I kid you not!

The temple lights....I LOVE the Mesa temple and even better when there are lights all around it celebrating the spirit of Christmas!

Tempe Marketplace atChristmas...not only do I love tempe marketplace but I love going home to familiarity and being able to shop with christmas songs and decorations everywhere!

This lovely group of people..and shelby...I am so excited to see and spend time with!!!

-The wonderful people in my ward family I miss throughout the year

-My friends still in Mesa or off to school other places



-No school to worry about

-Watching movies with my mom

-Eating lots of good food and treats

-Pommie reunions

-Being able to be in a place that I can call home and that holds so many amazing memories for me...I love love love mesa!!!

See ya in 55 hours!

And wish me luck...