Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Garage Sales

So this one time I met a super sweet lady by the name of Linda.
She looooves to go to 'car-port' sales as she calls it.
In other words-garage sales.
She is lucky.
I mean she finds the most ridiculously amazing things when she goes.
Oh and she bargains like none other.
She is my mother in law...
and has passed down an obsession of 'car-porting' to me.
Literally guys, I am hooked.
Its the thrill of finding hidden treasures.
Paying 5$ for somthing worth 100$
(yes, I look things up)
and knowing I saved HUGE amounts of money that can go to saving for our family.
I love it. Plain and simple.
I thought I would share some of my finds the last few months
just to show you the kind of things you can find.
I will warn, however, once you find something will be hooked.
Trust me I was kindof like "ewww ummm" when I first went,
but now I look forward to it every weekend.

Coffee table which matches perfectly.
In fabulous condition and came from a huge gorgeous home.

It is like a notebook/ipad/everything holder.
It is perfect and of course fake...but once I looked it up it only has
1 thing that shows its its a good one.

Beautiful and in fabulous condition.
Solid and heavy.
Ivory-my kind of mirror.
Asking $23.50 (which tells you they must have paid quite a bit)
got it for $10

Needs a little paint...
but is it not adorable?

All for $16
That little tea pot with the copper top-
didn't have one scratch so I looked it up...
alone its worth almost $50
 Just needed a handle.


 Got these two beauties for $5 each.
Looked them up (once again) and were worth almost $100 each.

Our pride and joy of garage sale finds.
Of course my mother in law found it...
im telling you she is lucky!
If you want something found-let me know and Ill have her on the look out.
Im serious.
Anywho, this was in a beautiful home,of a super nice middle aged couple,
 who had only had it for 6 months.
It was THE perfect fit and THE perfect color.
Guess how much you think they could have sold it for...
well we got it for $150
Go out
this saturday
im serious

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Maddux Matrimony

These two tied the knot...
Seriously, if you all only knew.
But in all honestly-they are perfect for eachother
and I could not be happier for the newlyweds.

Let me tell you a story:
Girl meets bubbly happy girl beginning of sophomore year in HS.
Girls end up playing powderpuff football together that year.
Bubbly girl asks other girl to vacay in Newport that summer with her family.
Girls are best friends ever since.
This is Kylee
and she is one of my very best friends.
She is amazing.
Her and I have gone through a lot together.
One time I dragged her to a pancake party.
She did NOT want to go.
Anywho...she met Scott there...
he is the boy in the picture-ya know-her groom.
So yes I take some credit :)
But in all honesty, Ky and Scott started dating over 3 years ago
and since then I have gained a best friend in Scotty too.
I love him almost as much as I love ky ;)
(jk scott)
Celebrating their wedding with them was amazing to say the least.
Lots of friends, lots of love, and lots of fun.
I am still sleeping off my exhaustion from last week.
No joke.
It was an unbelievably amazing time.
Country food.
Friends from near and far.
Flash Mob.
Yellow and navy.
A beautiful night.
A gorgeous bride and groom.
All made for a PERFECT time.
Congrats you two, happy marriage!
Love you, Mr. and Mrs. Maddux



Good times.
Im wrapped in a veil.
I ended up accompaning these two-
 along with Mendi and Annie-
while they took their bridal pictures.
Hahahaha boy was it fun.
Seriously it really was and I love stuff like this
that dang veil was killing me.
It was cathedral and beautiful.
Ky looked stunning.
But it was windy...
and it did not want to cooperate.
Kylee wanted it on
then off
then on
then off
then on again
thennnnn off one more time.
I quickly became "veil girl" as Scott called me.
It was comical for sure but helping these two people that I love dearly...
I would not have had it any other way.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Bachelorette

We had the best time getting this bride ready for her first night of
NOT being a bachelorette...
We went to eat at BJs with so many loves,
stayed for a long time while we all talked over one another, 
went back to my humble abode for some treats,
 showered Ky with everything she needed,
and chatted and chatted and chatted some more.
Im sad the wedding festivities have come to an end.
I have loved every minute and have ESPECIALLY loved
having this bestie of mine just 7 miles away as opposed to across the county.
BUT I couldn't be happier for her and Scott...
and we will be visiting them in the big apple quite soon!
More on MadduxMatrimony to come...

A Gorgeous Shower

My dear friend, Makall, and I, along with our mothers,
threw miss Kylee Celeste her bridal shower.
It was a BLAST and in THE most gorgeous home.
Ky looked fabulous of course and we had the best time
visiting with friends and family,
watching Ky open gifts,
and including Scott in our festivities too!
I made a video of questions I asked Scott while we skyped
and my husband video taped.
Haha as you can imagine the quality struggled...but after a MIRACLE
the DVD was ready LAST minute and it was hilarious.
He was a hit of course and had everyone laughing non stop.
Nothing has made me so happy recently as to help my best friend
get ready to marry another one of my best friends.
It has truly been nothing short of amazingly fun and fabulously joyful!