Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big day

This is Jessica (Johnson) Mitchell

And she is having a baby today

I could not be more excited for her and cameron!

I got a bit nostalgic for the good ol days and had to write a shout out post

Jess and I met in 6th grade

We became fast friends when we realized we had a beauty mark on the same spot

She introdcued me to the church

Her family took me in as their own

And I will forever love her more than I can say

Then, in 9th grade she developed a crush on a boy

His name was Cameron Mitchell

I still vividly remember the day he came home from hawaii

on the last day of school

and told me he liked her too AND that I could tell her

I was so excited to inform my best friend the great news!

Now here we are, about 7 years later

and those two are married and having a baby!

Crazy how things work out...

Jess and I have been through our fair share of ups and downs together

But when I think back to my childhood...I think of her

She has had so much to do with my life

and we have gone through so much together

I love you Jess and im excited for your new adventure as a mom!






And here is missy whit...

Its her birthday today and she is 22

That means in exactly 27 days...im 22 too!

hahaha I love you whitley

^She is the sister I never had...and I tell you what, by the way we act

you would totally believe we are blood related :)

She left me at 18 to marry the love of her life...

bummer for a bit, but amazing I have come to find!

She is happy, generous, loving, crazy fun, an amazing cook, and just the best all around

Shes been with me since we were in 7th grade.

Her family is my family

And they will be forever

I love you whit and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!