Thursday, March 4, 2010

TORO Country

I am a proud TORO, always have been and always will be
Somehow I thought when I came to BYU I would branch out of toro country
This is not the case
we do it to ourselves ill readily admit...I just find it funny
Im proud to say Im a TORO and love mesatown
I feel blessed to have best friends that I can reminisce about HS with
But I have to say that the following conversation that takes place usually at least once a day is getting a bit old... it goes exactly like this:
New friend: "Nice to meet you Katelin(or add any MVT person), so where are you from?"
Me: "Im from Arizona, how about you?"
New friend: (ignoring my question) "You from Mesa?"
Me: "Yep"
New Friend: "Mountain View?"
Me: "Yep"
New friend: "oooh...figures"
Me: "Yep....."
I kid you not...anyone from MV will tell you they've had this conversation a thousand times with people ranging from utah, cali, washington, florida, new york, nuts!
I slightly hate this, but I feel good about my ties to Mesa and wouldn't trade them for anything but I do feel just as good about the new friends Ive made as are some of my thoughts..
You know you are a TORO at BYU when:

All 4 of your roommates graudated with you

At age 21 and away to college in another state most of those in attendance to your bday dinner (natalie's)youve known since you were 15..lots even sooner

You have a kickball team named the "MESA COUGS"

You hang out with boys you graudated with everynight...and while helping them plan dates with new girls you remember all the girls they used to like and all their awkward dating stories that happened way back when...I think this is my favorite :)

You walk 1 minute and can be talking to a friend you've known since 6TH GRADE

You hang out with Ben at age 21 and still call him "Benny Boo Boo BooBooBoo" like you used to when you were 14...haha ok maybe this is just me and Jessica that can claim this

You have a flag football team of 16 girls and 12 are from joke

Finally: You know you're a TORO when you love Mesa, the people, and the weather...and THATS why your best friends are the same ones youve had forever...because that if all else fails...Mesa and all it has to offer you will never fail...cheesy but true!