Friday, November 7, 2008


Yep this is how I feel right now! Granted, I didnt run a marathan, or anything close for that matter, but I made a goal at the beginning of the week and here I am on friday SO happy that I accomplished it.....with it being a tad easier then I thought too, so this is success in my book! I got up every day this week early before school and went running at the gym for anywhere from 25 to 30 minutes...yep its impressive I know...haha not really but for me its a big deal! Anyone who has been around me enough will have heard me say at least once (if not a hundred times) that I am NOT a runner, honestly like I majorly sturggle with it, but I decided the work out is so much better then anything else for me so I decided to give it a try...and lo and behold I kindof like it! Wow im wierded out that I said that but its the truth, so needless to say the routine will continue indefinitely, and im stoked! Maybe one day I really can be like this woman here and cross my own marathon finish line, MAYBE that is :D

Thursday, November 6, 2008

*Salt Lake City*

Absolutely LOVE these two...

So the day after Halloween I managed to sleep in until almost 1 in the afternoon and soon after recieved a call from Natalie Evans(one of my FAV. girls) inviting me to go to Salt Lake with a bunch of people. I was so excited becuase Kandyce, Haley, Kaelin, which are such great friends of mine were up visiting and that would mean I could spend the day with of course I jumped at the chance and off we were!! We went to the yummy pizza place in draper on the way to SL and then headed to gateway mall, which is amazing by the way. After some window shopping...since us college students are broke, a collision between Natalie and a 5 year old girl, Ben's cookies, a meeting with a homeless person, who had just "got in an accident", asking for money, and many more fun little happenings we were on oru way back to Provo and still tired from our night's before. It was a blast though and it trule made my weekend to get to spend time with those girls...cant wait to see them at thanksgiving!

This is a shotty picture to say the least, well of me that is, but it shows the GORGEOUS Utah scenery so you all can be jealous that I look at that instead of palm trees.... ;)

.................AND thought I'd share this picture of what I look at out my window every day!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So Halloween was definitely one of the funnest times I've had up here so far! I dressed up as a Gypsy along with Ali and Katie, and Kylee here was Juno...haha best costumes I think...wait until the picture of Bleaker (aka Kevin). But anyways we went to the Alpine party and partied our little hearts out, or just until we were sweating to death- it was SO HOT down there! Afterwards we went and watched What lies Beneath which is soooo freaky let me tell ya! Then as Im walking to my door I ran into a friend across the hall and she invited me over because tons of people were over making french toast at 3 in the was a blast and finally at 4:30 I was getting ready for bed! It was quite a night but a fun one at that!

These are my friends Bleaker and Richard Simons (aka Kevin and Jordan) haha we could not stop laughing at these two and their choice of shorts...

The 3 wheels of the tricycle....they would appreciate that :) LOVE THEM!
Juno, Bleaker, and their precious baby

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Alright, alright...welcome to the world of Katelin!

Soooo after so many months of what I like to call, "blog-stalking" others, I decided to make my own blog to share basically and essentially just with my family. So hope this gives you a better insight into my exciting life in good 'ol Provo and hope you enjoy!!