Thursday, November 6, 2008

*Salt Lake City*

Absolutely LOVE these two...

So the day after Halloween I managed to sleep in until almost 1 in the afternoon and soon after recieved a call from Natalie Evans(one of my FAV. girls) inviting me to go to Salt Lake with a bunch of people. I was so excited becuase Kandyce, Haley, Kaelin, which are such great friends of mine were up visiting and that would mean I could spend the day with of course I jumped at the chance and off we were!! We went to the yummy pizza place in draper on the way to SL and then headed to gateway mall, which is amazing by the way. After some window shopping...since us college students are broke, a collision between Natalie and a 5 year old girl, Ben's cookies, a meeting with a homeless person, who had just "got in an accident", asking for money, and many more fun little happenings we were on oru way back to Provo and still tired from our night's before. It was a blast though and it trule made my weekend to get to spend time with those girls...cant wait to see them at thanksgiving!

This is a shotty picture to say the least, well of me that is, but it shows the GORGEOUS Utah scenery so you all can be jealous that I look at that instead of palm trees.... ;)

.................AND thought I'd share this picture of what I look at out my window every day!