Monday, May 24, 2010

A simple weed necklace

I bet you are all wondering where I got that wicked awesome necklace I'm wearing.
Welp, it is courtesy of 6 year old Katelin.
In Germany, we would sit in the fields outside our house for HOURS making these.
So, sitting at Rock Canyon a few saturdays ago I picked up some weeds and tried to pull out my childhood skills...low and behold, It worked!

Now it got me thinking,
I swear it was just yesterday I was doing this as a 6 year old.
Do you ever sit back and wonder where did the time go?
Where did childhood, highschool, college, last year, last month even go??
Im watching everyone go these different directions in life and its freeking me out a bit!
An adventure?
A good thing?
Heck yes.

I just so often think, am I doing what Im supposed to,
am I making the most with what I have been given,
am I doing the most good I possibly can.
Just food for thought.
While I continue to ponder and live my life in a day dream...enjoy this amazing quote

"Face your doubts, master your fears, cast not away your confidence. Stay the course and see the beauty of life unfold for you" ~Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Rene

These three are the products of "Mother Rene"
Whenever my mom says, "Katelin Ellen"
in that tone we all know...
I answer back with, "Mother Rene??"
Hence the name
Anywho I absolutely

And she is amazing.
Of course I am biased but I do think shes the best mom in the world.
I do hope though that everyone thinks that about their mom.
Everyone deserves to be loved and adored like a mother does.
So my mother is no different. :)
Since she has been a mother for 37 years here are 37 reasons why she is the greatest
1. She is my best friend
2. She is histerical...seriously
3. She does the best impressions/voices
4. She is addicted to Sonic
5. She is my biggest cheerleader
6. She is like the energizer bunny...just goes and goes...and only for the benefit of every other person but herself
7. She loves to shop
8. She loves mexican food
9. She has a beautiful singing voice
10. Kids gravitate to her
11. She works miracles with her students (parents of former students of hers are constantly acting as advocates for her to other parents looking for an amazing teacher)
12. All my friends ADORE her
13. She is the best cook
14. When I come home for a visit she makes me my favorite foods
15. She has the kindest heart
16. She is always saying the best way to make yourself feel better, in any situation, is to go do service for someone else.
17. She is in constant physical pain, yet she is always the last person on her mind (I hate this, but what can you do when your mom is all about others)
18. She can still highkick her forehead
19. She was a pommie in highschool and so was I
20. She has a light about her
21. She makes meals for our neighbors when they have babies, tragedies, etc, and she isnt even in relief society :)
22. She is a relief society sister as heart...haha I had to add it mom!
23. She went to my every concert, recital, performance, competition, game, and everything in between
24. She is genuine and loving to everyone
25. She taught and led by example...and still does
26. She still makes my dad's lunches in the morning and hes 56
27. She used to get up early and make me soup every morning in elementary school because I refused to eat sandwiches
28. She is sarcastic
29. Noone, and I mean NOONE, can make her famous cookies like she can
30. She is extremely creative
31. She loves to make crafts
32. She is supportive of my every decision
33. She taught us to be courteous and caring
34. She cannot stand to have an empty wall in our house, haha anyone who has been in our house knows this one is a concrete fact.
35. She pawned her jewelry for diapers when we were little
36. She is a wonderful wife
37. She constantly tells me I am beautiful and special and that I can make a difference and have an influence..although I always say, "you're just biased you have to say that". She tells me she doesnt have to say anything...and you know what, I believe her.
I love you mom, thank you for sacrificing and caring about each one of us. Thank you for giving me the world and beyond. Thank you for being my mother and for loving each of your children even when I know it couldn't have been easy to. Thank you for being a blessing in my life and for being my best friend.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You are missed

(warning: cheesy alert)

This is Kylee, my best friend.
She is pretty much the most amazing person ever.
And right now, I miss her a lot.
Ky is currently living the dream in NYC as an intern for NBC.
There is NOTHING this girl can't do or accomplish.
I am so proud of her and excited for her adventures...
but gosh dangit I miss her!
Anywho, I thought Id do a "Kyky tribute" seeing as shes across the country.
This may be boring for most of you but thats OK cuz this is for ky :)
We met sophomore year in highschool playing powder puff football.
hahahahaha quite the experience...but thats another story. I even remember a specific instance first knowing her where she dyed her hair...haha this is so random...but I will never forget a bunch of us running into her at school and Ive never noticed someone so enthusiastic and happy. She had this light radiating from her and I remember thinking, I want to be best friends with her...luckily my wish came true and we have since braved highschool and college together!
Anyways, that summer she invited me to Newport with her family
and the rest is history!
I have now been to newport 5 times with this child and those are some
of the greatest memories I have.
We will soon be going on our third year of living together and I have to say BRAVO to her for putting up with me for all this time because im positive im getting the better deal out of the situation, but im thankful regardless! She is the best roommate to have because she is always so chipper. ALWAYS. When Im having a good day, shes there enjoying it with me, when im having a bad day, shes there to make everything better. Plain and simple she makes it all fun!

Ky is seriously a ray of sunshine! Anyone who has come in contact with her for even a minute knows how true that statement is. This is so cheesy but this quote is perfect for ky: "If I had one gift that I could give you, my friend, it would be the ability to see yourself as others see you, because only then would you know how extremely special you are."~B.A. Billingsly~
I LOVE that!
Ky has this unique ability to make anyone and everyone feel loved, appreciated, and special.
Not many people have that gift, but she is one of them.
She has been there for me in ways not even she can fully understand.
She has sat with me through breakdowns, hardships, excitement, confusion, happiness, and everything in between. I am eternally grateful to her for that!
She is the greatest example of choosing a friend who makes you want to be better...
I love her so much.
I love our wrestling matches,
our shared love of food,
our love of the beach,
our hatred of utah weather,
our random things we do when bored,
braving finals together,
long drives,
our chats,
football games,
and our every memory.
I am grateful for the blessing of having her in my life.
I am so proud of her, and I know she is rocking NYC!
She is the greatest example to me of someone ambitious, hardworking, and who has their priorities in line.
How'd I get so lucky to have her as a best friend, I dont know...but ill take it!
I love you Kylee Celeste and I miss you!!!