Monday, May 24, 2010

A simple weed necklace

I bet you are all wondering where I got that wicked awesome necklace I'm wearing.
Welp, it is courtesy of 6 year old Katelin.
In Germany, we would sit in the fields outside our house for HOURS making these.
So, sitting at Rock Canyon a few saturdays ago I picked up some weeds and tried to pull out my childhood skills...low and behold, It worked!

Now it got me thinking,
I swear it was just yesterday I was doing this as a 6 year old.
Do you ever sit back and wonder where did the time go?
Where did childhood, highschool, college, last year, last month even go??
Im watching everyone go these different directions in life and its freeking me out a bit!
An adventure?
A good thing?
Heck yes.

I just so often think, am I doing what Im supposed to,
am I making the most with what I have been given,
am I doing the most good I possibly can.
Just food for thought.
While I continue to ponder and live my life in a day dream...enjoy this amazing quote

"Face your doubts, master your fears, cast not away your confidence. Stay the course and see the beauty of life unfold for you" ~Elder Jeffrey R. Holland