Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Birthday in style

On Feburary 1st this guy had a birthday.
The big 2-4
I woke him up to some birthday surprises
and off we were to Josh's parents.
Once we were all ready Josh and I jumped in the car with Lindz and Cody-
with some Polar Pops of course-
and off we were to the city that never sleeps!
Once we got to the Excalibur,
we met up with Stacey and Brian
and Seth and Brandi.
It was a family affair of a weekend and it was a BLAST!
Stac don't kill me for this photo...
its for the memories :)
and you look fabulous even getting your hair blown.
Everyone at the birthday boy's dinner!
Ironic he is the only one not smiling?
After dinner we went around and explored.
I had never been to this part of Vegas.
The bright lights so close and crazy people provided 360 degrees of entertainment.
Then it was off to Circus Circus where we played our hearts out at all the games.
Saturday when we all got going we headed to Serendipity for some brunch.
Man those portions are huge!
It was delicious and so fun all being together.
Once we were done- we headed off on the strip to continue our exploring.
Um while walking the strip...can you say impressive??
Stacey is always in style and can you imagine just how strong those calves of hers must be?!
Later, Big Josh and Linda headed to the George Strait concert
and us kids headed to Outback for dinner.
We met up with Stacey and Brian and got to here
"Stacey's best day ever story"
She literally got to DISAPPEAR people.
Amazing right??
Her and Brian both played a roll in the David Copperfield magic show.
So cool.
After our fun dinner we went and got pinkberry
my fav
The Coke store
New York New York
 and then were off to the casino... 
Stacey's face says it all.
Seth's just reads confidence.
I didn't play a dime and enjoyed watching.
It was hilarious and entertaining.
All the meanwhile Cody kept pretending he was 21 and sneaking back where he shouldn't be.
We need to worry about that one once May comes I tell ya.

 It was a party of a weekend.
What happened there...stayed there.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


A couple weeks ago I was getting off work extra early.
I called my mom to see if she wanted to get lunch after.
She was busy so it was a no go.
Well she called me about half an hour later and quickly told me her meeting was cancelled
so lunch it was!
I sat in the parking lot waiting for my mom wondering why she was late
(cough.cough. should have known)
Anyways, Im waiting in my truck and I see a girl walking towards the Zupas door.
I think to myself...
wow she looks a lot like Kylee.
She gets closer...she has the same purse as Kylee.
Closer...man if I didn't know she was in NYC I woul.....
I literally screamed and ran!
I couldn't believe it!
She had flown in the night before to surprise Douglas
 and worked with my mom to surprise me.
Best surprise ever.
Good thing we were outside because we -more like I- were obnoxious.
Oh it was so good to see my lovely KyKy.
Notice the lady in the background?
She tapped me on the shoulder inside Zupas and emotionally said seeing our reunion was her
"happiest moment of the day".
I smiled and said, "me too".
Ky and I made sure to get in our bonding time
and made sure to do something every day she was here.
On friday we got together a bunch of lovely ladies and headed to lunch.
It was so fun all being together and being able to catch up!

We ended the weekend with another trip to Zupas.
This time with Scott and Josh in tow.
It was so fun to be together and to have a preview for next month...
 we cannot wait for our trip to visit the Maddux's in t-minus 2 1/2 weeks.
Thanks for the surprise Ky, sure love you!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Magical World of Disney: Part 3

Our third and final day was a great way to end our trip.
We had done most of the rides and things we wanted
and were able to take this day in strides just enjoying the ambiance.
We got to Disneyland early on Saturday and ohhh I loved it!
There was hardly no one there.
We were the first ones on Thunder Mountain
(my favorite)
and continued running around the park that morning getting on as many rides as we could.
Anyone else feel claustrophobic on the finding nemo ride?
Next it was off to ToonTown.
I love that place.
It takes you into every child's dream.
Being a part of the Disney world.
Goofy was quite insistent about us taking these pictures with him.
Next it was off to New Orleans square for some lunch.
It was delicious and the ambiance is so fun and chill.
Then we headed to California Adventure and my parents proudly sported their
"Happy Anniversay" buttons...
...well I wanted to join in on the fun
so I got Josh and I buttons too.

I think 9 months is still considered
"Just Married"

Josh and I had our "newly-wedded" dinner at the Carnation Cafe on Main Street.
Everyone kept telling us Congratulations and I would laugh every time.
Then I bet they thought it was weird/creepy when my parents showed up to meet us afterwards.
I thought it was hilarious on the other hand.
Our trip was amazing.
A hueg thanks to my husband for the idea and surprise
and my parents for joining in!
Let's go back soon you guys, ya?

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentines Day everyone!

(image via)
I've never been one to obsess over this day.
But I tell ya...
waking up to a surprise from my husband
getting valentines from my 30 kids
watching said kids quickly jump into a sugar high
then running/racing with said kids to tire them out
and having a chill night at home with my very own guy...
has made this day pretty perfect.
Thankful for my forever valentine.
Hope you all have a fantastic day full of lots of love and sweets.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Magical World of Disney: Part 2

 Day 2 was our first full day at Disney.
We woke up early, raced to the park, and went to Cali Adventure first.
Josh's cousin, Sheri, and her family planned a trip to Disneyland the same time.
She loves Disney just as much as I do.
We quickly got in line with her husband to get fastpasses for Radiator Springs
in Carsland
(normally like a 3 hour wait)
When Michael called Sheri to come meet us...it was the best sight!
Sheri and I literally ran to eachother as her Minnie Mouse ears flopped in the wind.
It was the best.
We spent the rest of the morning in California Adventure.
We explored Carsland.
Went on the classic rides.
And ate lunch at the funnest diner.
In the afternoon we headed over to Disneyland.
Party-hardied over there and enjoyed the season.
First stop: Tom Sawyer's Island.
My dad's favorite.
Josh had never been so it was exciting to explore together.
We spent a lot of time looking around and acting like kids.
This picture about kills me.
Look closely at what my mom is doing.
Not one, or two, but three different poses while this family walks by and I capture the moment.
The guy's face is priceless.
We spent the day having a blast
not a care in the world
riding rides
eating treats
enjoying the magic
and ending our night with a holiday fireworks show.
Oh ya and surprise it SNOWED!!!!