Saturday, February 9, 2013

Magical World of Disney: Part 1

A deep love for Disney was instilled in me very young.
From Disney Paris, to Disneyworld, to Disneyland
I love them all.
My sweet dad is where I get it from.
Every time we visit the wonderful world of Disney...
we have a very thought out and specific plan.
Courtesy of Ranger Dan of course.
Josh, on the other hand, likes it...but doesn't not share the Hink family love.
Well this trip, my goal was to change Josh's very thinking.
Oh but wait, I need to take a step back and tell why we went to this magical place.
I haven't been to Disneyland since I was 17.
I have been BEGGING my parents...recently, Josh, to take me there.
Like I've been talking about it for a solid 2 years-often-no joke.
In addition, I have always wanted to go during Christmas time.
Come Christmas morning
Josh handed me a box that he was too excited to have me open.
When I unwrapped it, a Disneyland sweatshirt was staring at my.
I looked at Josh, confused, and he said,
"look in the pocket"
Well guess what was in the pocket?
Oh my gosh I was ecstatic.
Then to top it off he told me my parents are coming too.
It was the cherry on top.
My favorite people
in my favortie place.
How sweet is he to think of this grand surprise?
AND invite my parentals.
Super amazingly sweet is the answer.
I got a good one

Always a party with Cherie.

My guys.

Swoooooon you guys. 

There is just something about Main street.
It is my all time favorite thing about Disneyland.