Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello 2013

2012 was one for the books.
It was the year I started my happily ever after and got married.
Along with that came lots of changes and lots of adventures.
All good and happy.
We rang in the New Year in Maricopa with the Figs
and some Heywood cousins.
It was a BLAST.
We bowled our little hearts out
ate our little hearts out
wii danced our little hearts
and partyyyyyy'd our little hearts out.
So love her. Glad I gained her as my sister.

Oh the kiddos, always a party with these ones...especially the tu-tu wearing one ;)
(mind you there are like 50 more of these littles in Josh's fam)

The Fig boys.
Minus Big Josh.
Is Colt not the cutest? He was loving his food if you couldn't tell.
Welcome to our family get-togethers.
Everyone talking in different directions over eachother.
but honest to goodness it is the best and I love it.


After bowling we left to party at my in-laws.
Im surprised Josh and I actually made it to midnight.
We are usually out by 9:30 every night
so lets just say by 10 I was sure I was going to pass out.