Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Birthday in style

On Feburary 1st this guy had a birthday.
The big 2-4
I woke him up to some birthday surprises
and off we were to Josh's parents.
Once we were all ready Josh and I jumped in the car with Lindz and Cody-
with some Polar Pops of course-
and off we were to the city that never sleeps!
Once we got to the Excalibur,
we met up with Stacey and Brian
and Seth and Brandi.
It was a family affair of a weekend and it was a BLAST!
Stac don't kill me for this photo...
its for the memories :)
and you look fabulous even getting your hair blown.
Everyone at the birthday boy's dinner!
Ironic he is the only one not smiling?
After dinner we went around and explored.
I had never been to this part of Vegas.
The bright lights so close and crazy people provided 360 degrees of entertainment.
Then it was off to Circus Circus where we played our hearts out at all the games.
Saturday when we all got going we headed to Serendipity for some brunch.
Man those portions are huge!
It was delicious and so fun all being together.
Once we were done- we headed off on the strip to continue our exploring.
Um while walking the strip...can you say impressive??
Stacey is always in style and can you imagine just how strong those calves of hers must be?!
Later, Big Josh and Linda headed to the George Strait concert
and us kids headed to Outback for dinner.
We met up with Stacey and Brian and got to here
"Stacey's best day ever story"
She literally got to DISAPPEAR people.
Amazing right??
Her and Brian both played a roll in the David Copperfield magic show.
So cool.
After our fun dinner we went and got pinkberry
my fav
The Coke store
New York New York
 and then were off to the casino... 
Stacey's face says it all.
Seth's just reads confidence.
I didn't play a dime and enjoyed watching.
It was hilarious and entertaining.
All the meanwhile Cody kept pretending he was 21 and sneaking back where he shouldn't be.
We need to worry about that one once May comes I tell ya.

 It was a party of a weekend.
What happened there...stayed there.