Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Magical World of Disney: Part 2

 Day 2 was our first full day at Disney.
We woke up early, raced to the park, and went to Cali Adventure first.
Josh's cousin, Sheri, and her family planned a trip to Disneyland the same time.
She loves Disney just as much as I do.
We quickly got in line with her husband to get fastpasses for Radiator Springs
in Carsland
(normally like a 3 hour wait)
When Michael called Sheri to come meet was the best sight!
Sheri and I literally ran to eachother as her Minnie Mouse ears flopped in the wind.
It was the best.
We spent the rest of the morning in California Adventure.
We explored Carsland.
Went on the classic rides.
And ate lunch at the funnest diner.
In the afternoon we headed over to Disneyland.
Party-hardied over there and enjoyed the season.
First stop: Tom Sawyer's Island.
My dad's favorite.
Josh had never been so it was exciting to explore together.
We spent a lot of time looking around and acting like kids.
This picture about kills me.
Look closely at what my mom is doing.
Not one, or two, but three different poses while this family walks by and I capture the moment.
The guy's face is priceless.
We spent the day having a blast
not a care in the world
riding rides
eating treats
enjoying the magic
and ending our night with a holiday fireworks show.
Oh ya and surprise it SNOWED!!!!