Wednesday, February 20, 2013


A couple weeks ago I was getting off work extra early.
I called my mom to see if she wanted to get lunch after.
She was busy so it was a no go.
Well she called me about half an hour later and quickly told me her meeting was cancelled
so lunch it was!
I sat in the parking lot waiting for my mom wondering why she was late
(cough.cough. should have known)
Anyways, Im waiting in my truck and I see a girl walking towards the Zupas door.
I think to myself...
wow she looks a lot like Kylee.
She gets closer...she has the same purse as Kylee. if I didn't know she was in NYC I woul.....
I literally screamed and ran!
I couldn't believe it!
She had flown in the night before to surprise Douglas
 and worked with my mom to surprise me.
Best surprise ever.
Good thing we were outside because we -more like I- were obnoxious.
Oh it was so good to see my lovely KyKy.
Notice the lady in the background?
She tapped me on the shoulder inside Zupas and emotionally said seeing our reunion was her
"happiest moment of the day".
I smiled and said, "me too".
Ky and I made sure to get in our bonding time
and made sure to do something every day she was here.
On friday we got together a bunch of lovely ladies and headed to lunch.
It was so fun all being together and being able to catch up!

We ended the weekend with another trip to Zupas.
This time with Scott and Josh in tow.
It was so fun to be together and to have a preview for next month...
 we cannot wait for our trip to visit the Maddux's in t-minus 2 1/2 weeks.
Thanks for the surprise Ky, sure love you!