Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Every morning I wake up, turn on my computer, and check my favorite blogs.
Whether fashion, life style, home d├ęcor, etc...I love to look at them.
At first I hated to admit I did this.
Until I realized the creative juices that began to flow because I did this made it worth it.
Finally it hit me.
Why can't I make my blog somewhere I can share my creative juices...
along with adventures, projects, recipes, and everything under the sun.
No longer is this a place for me to visit once in a blue moon.
This will be a place where I can express my "Golden Life".
I live an incredibly blessed life and I'm excited to share more of it! 
I've decided whether its just me, my family, or friends included that read this outlet of mine.
I'm excited to have somewhere to express what makes me happy and keeps me going.
Welcome to my Golden Life!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

(Saturday) Night Wilson-Maddux Night.

After our fun filled Saturday
we headed to Chelsea to grad dinner and a treat with the Wilsons.
Im constantly taunted by the Maddux-Wilson weekly date nights on instagram...
so I was thrilled to get to join in this particular night!
We went to a restaurant called Pounds and Ounces.
Please look at the paintings on the walls in the background of these pictures.
They explain the atmoshphere perfectly.
Also look at the couples in the background as well.
Can you guess what Chelsea is known for?
Lets just say not many of these people were Prop 8 supporters.

But let me tell ya, I loved it!
My dinner was awesome-I honestly enjoyed it a lot.
Everyone else was a bit so-so.
My husband on the other hand liked his until...
he found a tooth.
Yes thats right, a tooth, in his hamburger.
BIG thanks to Jeremy for making it known and getting our dinner for free!
Jeremy-you da best.
 First attempt-this was not on purpose.
Sure love these gals!

After dinner we headed to Pinkberry.
First time I took Josh there was in Vegas...and he loved it just as much as me.
We were excited to have it as our first NYC date night treat.
We had so much fun, my gosh.
This fella became our fast bestie and all our Pinkberry friends treated us with the royal treatment.
We even got discounts AND were greeted with Key-Lime yogurt shots.
Pure awesome-ness. 

It was a night to remember.
It was so much fun chatting, eating, having fun, and laughing until our stomachs hurt.
Thanks for the fantabulous night Maddux-Wilson clan.
We sure miss you guys and wish we could be joining every Friday!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New York.

You know that person.
The one that comes into your life and you just know will be there forever.
That is my miss Kylee.
I met her one fateful day in the beginning of 10th grade.
She was a bright light and I knew I wanted her as one of my best friends.
Sure enough-she became just that...that and more.
She has remained a bright and shining light in my life,
and I know she will forever.
Then fast forward to meeting her prince charming-
Mr. Scott Maddux-
and my love for him.
Another person I know has my back, and always will.
I came to the realization awhile ago that there would be a slim chance I would ever live next door to the Maddux family-with a picture of Ky and I watching our naked children run around before we head out to meet our moms for lunch...sounds awesome right?
 Well pretty sure we will make this happen...
without the every day part...
but hopefully through many visits a year at least.
Right Ky??
Therefore I have settled for mesa trips from Ky and Scott-and visits to their fabulous home cities-
wherever their life takes them!
So suffice it to say we love the Maddux family and were STOKED for our trip to see them.
No biggy that they live in the most exciting city ever...
we still would have followed you anywhere guys...promise. ;)
Josh and I flew over on the red eye and made our way to the Maddux home in Manhattan.
Once we got there we were greeted but this adorable set up and their DARLING home.
After a quick relaxation time, we got up, ready, and headed on our adventure!
First-to truly be engrossed in the NYC way-we headed to brunch.
Sarabeths was incredible.
Pretty sure my french toast was made out of sugar, clouds, and happiness.

Then we headed to explore the Lincoln Center, the maddux engagement re-enactment, LDS Temple, Columbus Circle, Central Park, The MET, and Levain Bakery (which deserves a shout out all on its own-UH.MA.ZING)

I found my new favorite store. I wanted to buy it all.

Ky and I loved these statues.
We thought they were histerical.
Our husbands on the other hand were embarassed.
But whats new when it comes to us two!

Oh love these two.

Oh how I have an obsession with GossipGirl.
(can I get an "amen" Makall?)
So sitting on the steps of the MET...
my dream.
Im pathetic I know.
Ya, the Matisse?
This way is the Matisse right?"
Scott was so proud the one thing he remembered from BYU art history...
that some guy names Matisse was famous.
So off we were to the Matisse exhibit and once we got there want to know what we saw?
Naked women.
Hahaha a memory for the books.

How darling is this school?
Much different from what Im used to let me tell ya!
After our explorations on Saturday we got ready for...
"Friday Night Wilson Night"
(this time on Saturday of course)
I had been waiting a long time to join in on this NYC tradition.
It was a night to remember!
More to come...

Friday, April 26, 2013


Its been one year married to this guy.
(well one year and 13 days)
And I feel proud to say this marriage of mine is my greatest blessing.
In one year we have successfully:
                                                      -lived in our first apartment
                                                      -taught sunbeams (Josh's blood pressure will never be the same)
                                                      -gone camping
                                                      -hosted BBQs
                                                      -I went hunting for the first time-poor doves
                                                      -survived Elk scouting/hunting season
                                                      -had many adventures
                                                      -made plenty of goals
                                                      -both changed jobs
                                                      -perused Bass Pro more recently than a mall
                                                      -found a love for garage sales
                                                      -spent lots of time with our families
                                                      -saved to buy our first home...
                                                      -bought our first home
                                                      -Turks and Caicos
                                                      -countless cabin trips
                                                      -Carlsbad CA
                                                      -Vegas (twice)
                                                      -Disneyland CA
It has been nothing less than an incredibly fun and full of love year.
I can honestly say that.
I remember so many days and countless nights where I truly wondered if I would ever find someone to love me the way a husband should...the way a daughter of God deserves.
I honestly doubted ever finding a boy that would love my crazy emotionally-sensitive self.
I have learned it was never that I didn't deserve it, it was that I didnt believe I deserved it.
To this day, I still struggle.
I often feel like a failure and hold myself to a very high standard which I almost always never reach.
This husband of mine has taught me
 (although I sill have my moments)
 there is no need to be perfect.
In fact,
its impossible.
And that he loves me so much words cant express.
(no matter what)
I remeber a week or two after I was married thinking;
"I have never felt so much like where I am in life-my role at this time-is exactly who I am meant to be and what is going to make me the happiest."
that is me.
But Josh's wife-that is my favorite title.

Love you Mr. Josh Figueroa
So thankful your mine.
Cheers to infinity more years!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


The Figueroa family has had some big changes happening over here.
We are official first-time home owners
and we are thrilled!
There have been many laughs had
"I have no idea"s said
and heard a million people tell us...
"its never ending"
and let me tell ya, they were right.
we couldn't be happier
feel more proud
or enjoy our many projects
any more than we already do.
Its a work in progress, but...
brick outside
low ceilings
large yards
amazing location
huge brick fireplace
small bathroom
and popcorn ceilings...
we sure love you with all our heart.
Cant wait to bring our babies home to you
make memories as a family in you
and most of all-make you everything that represents "us".
Welcome to our very humble abode!
Ya'll are welcome ANY TIME.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So lots has been going on in the life of the Figs lately.
We recently got back from a fabulous trip to The Big Apple
to see these fine people, and had an amazing time.
(here are some preview pics-more to come)
Once we got back, we were in full steam ahead towards getting our HOUSE.
Yes thats right people...our very first home.
I haven't wanted to say much because I didn't want to jinx it,
but seeing as we sign tomorrow im thinking its OK!
(lets hope)
We have been:
researching bills
gathering documents
emailing some more
sending scans
digging for paperwork
filling out applications
watching our savings quickly dwindle :)
and most importantly...
dreaming of how to make our first home ours
Excited is an understatement.
Wish us luck!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

NYC Bound...

I always had this dream...
of seeing NYC during Christmas time.
Well, when I was a freshman in college my dad made my dream come true
(like he always has)
and I fell in LOVE.
It was cold
and did I mention cold?
But ohhh how I was instantly obsessed with the Concrete Jungle.
I secretly dream I was a real life character in Gossip Girl-
without the lying, drugs, inappropriateness, etc. of course-
But I just have a fascination with the city and would honestly move there in a heart beat.
last year, when Scott moved for work,
I planned a trip to visit Suz in DC and then head to NYC to see Scott.
Suz and I lived it up and loved every minute.
We packed a lot into our short 2 days.
Welllllllll of course as soon as Ky and Scott were engaged
I started planning our trip to visit once they were hitched.
I told Josh it was happening no matter what.
So of course I booked as soon as I could.
This will be my 3rd time and Josh's FIRST!
I cannot wait to experience and explore with him.
Im giddy with excitement, and still in shock we're actually going...all at the same time
Red eye tomorrow
and we are off!
Maddux family get ready!