Sunday, May 5, 2013

(Saturday) Night Wilson-Maddux Night.

After our fun filled Saturday
we headed to Chelsea to grad dinner and a treat with the Wilsons.
Im constantly taunted by the Maddux-Wilson weekly date nights on instagram...
so I was thrilled to get to join in this particular night!
We went to a restaurant called Pounds and Ounces.
Please look at the paintings on the walls in the background of these pictures.
They explain the atmoshphere perfectly.
Also look at the couples in the background as well.
Can you guess what Chelsea is known for?
Lets just say not many of these people were Prop 8 supporters.

But let me tell ya, I loved it!
My dinner was awesome-I honestly enjoyed it a lot.
Everyone else was a bit so-so.
My husband on the other hand liked his until...
he found a tooth.
Yes thats right, a tooth, in his hamburger.
BIG thanks to Jeremy for making it known and getting our dinner for free!
Jeremy-you da best.
 First attempt-this was not on purpose.
Sure love these gals!

After dinner we headed to Pinkberry.
First time I took Josh there was in Vegas...and he loved it just as much as me.
We were excited to have it as our first NYC date night treat.
We had so much fun, my gosh.
This fella became our fast bestie and all our Pinkberry friends treated us with the royal treatment.
We even got discounts AND were greeted with Key-Lime yogurt shots.
Pure awesome-ness. 

It was a night to remember.
It was so much fun chatting, eating, having fun, and laughing until our stomachs hurt.
Thanks for the fantabulous night Maddux-Wilson clan.
We sure miss you guys and wish we could be joining every Friday!