Monday, November 15, 2010

Its official

I just received an email and it included the following:
Congratulations! Your application for April 2011 graduation has been reviewed and accepted by your Advisement Center.
So its official....
Come April 2011 I will be a college graduate from
Pretty sure it was just yesterday I was graduating from Highschool

Now onto bigger and better things I guess!
Who knows what...but itll be an adventure!
Thanks to this one (below) for living with me
throughout my whole BYU experience
couldnt have done it without ya!
April is approaching faster than I thought.
I go home on saturday, then back for 3 weeks, then home for Christmas.
Then just one semester

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dear Natalie Evans:

I am officially a terrible friend
I admit it
and I am deeply sorry.
This is my PUBLIC declaration of my awfulness
and again
I am sorry.
I promise I am calling you in approx. 20 min.
I love you
You are the greatest
SUCH agood friend
and a shining example :)
Talk to you soon and see you in ONE WEEK!
disclaimer: I have not called Natalie back for a week. It is bad im aware...its been a rough one...but thats no excuse! Natalie still loves me and is probably laughing at this post. But I felt so bad that I had to write for the whole (blog) world to see. thanks!