Thursday, September 24, 2009

OkOk....My own dad called me out

Sooooo yes it has been quite awhile since I have updated this, I had trouble getting to it because I felt like I had no one looking at it...which isnt the case THANKS SO MUCH for the comments and those that told me you look at it :) but haha lets get real my life is NOT exciting. BUT then I realized that I love to blogstalk, and I know other people do too :) so why not humor you and I both. Also like my title says, my own dad called me out about not updating so I really want to keep up so my family back home can see what I am up to! Anyways here are a few updates from the summer and whats happened so far this fall...hope you enjoy!!



This fall has already been so fun! I have met tons of new people, got back into the routine of school, been having great weather up here in provo, done new things, and have the ropes of BYU and ptown down so much better than last year. Although I miss Amy and Ali a lot it is super fun having Natalie and Aleesha living with me and Kylee, and Kylee back for that matter! School is rough this year...getting into my upper level major classes but I like the challenge and I have gotten MUCH better at studying thank goodness :) Its going to be a great year, I just know it, and Im stoked to see where it takes me!

I had my 2oth birthday...FINALLY. Seriously can I just say how excited I am to not be 19 anymore...crazy being out of the teens now though but still great none the less!

THANK YOU to wonderful friends who threw me a dessert party to celebrate AND to the one and only talented Amy Giles who made this awesome cake

Caught up with friends who have been gone all summer

AND had the first BYU home football game


Soaked up the last few months with the amazing girls in our ward...tons moved out of ward this year and seriously no ward will ever compare to the girls we had last year, they were ALL amazing

Hung out ALL THE TIME with these dear girls

80s dancing...always classic


Went kayaking on Utah lake...hahaha quite the experience

Celebrated lots of birthdays

Ali and Jordan got engaged!

We threw Ali a shower

Went to Seattle with the family

Lots and lots of wedding stuff!

Mr. and Mrs. Christensen!

Mr. and Mrs. Porter!

And Paige came to visit good ol Mesa

So there is a was a great summer. Now back to reality and the school year. Thanks for reading my TOO LONG of a post!