Friday, April 23, 2010


(this was taken on our trip headed to take me to BYU)

On wednesday I took my last final of the semester.
Now that officially makes me a Senior. In COLLEGE.
When the heck did I get this old??
Where has all the time gone that even constitutes me to give myself such a title??
I am slightly freeking out.

Everytime I go home I drive by good 'ol Mountain View and think myself...
the majority of the teens there have NO idea how easy they have it.
No real world worries,
big decisions consist of what to do on friday,
or who's going to ask them to prom.
What I wouldn't give to go back for even just a was so eeeeeasy!
Don't get me wrong I love my life now too.
Also, I am fully aware that I do not have it rough and
I am thankful for my experiences, lessons learned, and friends made.
sometimes I yearn for it to all stop flying by for just a second...even though I know it won't.
Usually I am one to enjoy each day, but I am always looking to the future.
New goals:
enjoy where I am at RIGHT NOW.
enjoy being 20(almost 21)
enjoy being single
enjoy living away from home
enjoy BYU for one more year
enjoy my friends since pretty soon we'll all be scattered
and just enjoy my life and my amazing blessings...every single second.
For your viewing pleasure I love this quote by Jason Blume:
"Listen to that voice inside you that says you can accomplish anything.
Trust that feeling that tells you you can achieve all that you hope for.
Believe that everything you want is waiting for you.
Hold on to the knowledge that nothing is impossible.
Remember that each person who has ever achieved a goal
started out with only a dream."

Hahaha reliving the glory days. I found this on my dad's computer and started laughing at all of us, youd really have to know each of us to know why its so funny to me. ALSO look at Natlie's face. She is the greatest, such a crack up! I received a text from her this morning and it said, "sitting at my college graduation...!" WEIRD! Im going to miss her this summer when she leaves, but cant wait for a funfilled springtime in provo with her! I love all these girls!