Thursday, April 25, 2013


The Figueroa family has had some big changes happening over here.
We are official first-time home owners
and we are thrilled!
There have been many laughs had
"I have no idea"s said
and heard a million people tell us...
"its never ending"
and let me tell ya, they were right.
we couldn't be happier
feel more proud
or enjoy our many projects
any more than we already do.
Its a work in progress, but...
brick outside
low ceilings
large yards
amazing location
huge brick fireplace
small bathroom
and popcorn ceilings...
we sure love you with all our heart.
Cant wait to bring our babies home to you
make memories as a family in you
and most of all-make you everything that represents "us".
Welcome to our very humble abode!
Ya'll are welcome ANY TIME.