Monday, February 18, 2013

Magical World of Disney: Part 3

Our third and final day was a great way to end our trip.
We had done most of the rides and things we wanted
and were able to take this day in strides just enjoying the ambiance.
We got to Disneyland early on Saturday and ohhh I loved it!
There was hardly no one there.
We were the first ones on Thunder Mountain
(my favorite)
and continued running around the park that morning getting on as many rides as we could.
Anyone else feel claustrophobic on the finding nemo ride?
Next it was off to ToonTown.
I love that place.
It takes you into every child's dream.
Being a part of the Disney world.
Goofy was quite insistent about us taking these pictures with him.
Next it was off to New Orleans square for some lunch.
It was delicious and the ambiance is so fun and chill.
Then we headed to California Adventure and my parents proudly sported their
"Happy Anniversay" buttons...
...well I wanted to join in on the fun
so I got Josh and I buttons too.

I think 9 months is still considered
"Just Married"

Josh and I had our "newly-wedded" dinner at the Carnation Cafe on Main Street.
Everyone kept telling us Congratulations and I would laugh every time.
Then I bet they thought it was weird/creepy when my parents showed up to meet us afterwards.
I thought it was hilarious on the other hand.
Our trip was amazing.
A hueg thanks to my husband for the idea and surprise
and my parents for joining in!
Let's go back soon you guys, ya?