Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Gorgeous Shower

My dear friend, Makall, and I, along with our mothers,
threw miss Kylee Celeste her bridal shower.
It was a BLAST and in THE most gorgeous home.
Ky looked fabulous of course and we had the best time
visiting with friends and family,
watching Ky open gifts,
and including Scott in our festivities too!
I made a video of questions I asked Scott while we skyped
and my husband video taped.
Haha as you can imagine the quality struggled...but after a MIRACLE
the DVD was ready LAST minute and it was hilarious.
He was a hit of course and had everyone laughing non stop.
Nothing has made me so happy recently as to help my best friend
get ready to marry another one of my best friends.
It has truly been nothing short of amazingly fun and fabulously joyful!