Monday, October 24, 2011

East Coast Livin'

Got back last night from 4 days of amazingness on the east coast

Ask anyone that knows me...

I am fascinated with the east coast

So naturally, I loved every minute

(Again, no camera a complete update soon)

We packed so much into those 4 days...we are exhausted

but it was o so worth it

Amongst everything we fit in,

heres a little preview-

I took the red-eye out on wednesday night and got to DC on thursday

I met up with this lovely lady

in her super cool National Capitol Building office

Doesn't she look legit? Yep. She is.

we ate breakfast at my favorite...The Corner Bakery

Had the most gorgeous view everywhere we went

visited Georgetown

I am in love

THEN we headed to New York City to stay with this guy

I am obsessed with NYC too

Everything about it is incredible

and the weather was beautifully perfect

The gorgeous temple

Central Park
the fabulous Suz

Cant beat Times Square

It was a blast!