Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Ky Ky

It is this child's birthday

she is 23

can you believe that?!

I cant...I swear it was yesterday that we met at age 15


or Kyky to me

is one of my very very very best friends

and seeing as she lives in Mississippi (sad)

and I cant be there to celebrate with her

this public declaration will have to do

Here are 23 things I love about Ky

-she is a riot...can always make me laugh

-shes always late...I pretend like I hate this but if she wasnt she just wouldnt be Ky

-she is the best broadcast reporter ever

-she braved living with me for 3 straight years

-she has the most bright and contagious smile

-she is so gorgeous inside and out

-she is perhaps the most gospel strong gal I know

-she always writes thank you notes

-she hardly wears makeup and is still stunning

-she loves her family more than anything

-she would drop everything to do anything for me...or anyone for that matter

-she took me to newport with her like a billion times

-she is the best quarterback the punishers ever had

-she wakes up really really chipper

-she has the best boyfriend whom I also love

-she loves to travel

-she stays true to what she wants, goes after it, and gets it

-she refreshingly doesnt care what others think...she does what she knows

and feels is right no matter what

-she is the only person I have ever met that can say "fag" and it be so funny no one could take it

offensively...I mean no one

-she calls her dad, Douglas, not dad

-she has been there countless times to listen when im crying and can always make me feel better

-she is going to be big time one day in the news world...and I cant wait to boast that shes my best friend

-Last but not least, my favorite thing about ky, is that although I miss her like the dang dickens and it sucks being away from her, I never worry that we'll lose a step or lose touch. She will always be there for me and we will always be the best of friends...I know she'll always love me and goodness knows I will always love her

I love you Ky

I miss you more than you know

Happy birthday best friend!