Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am so grateful for this day

I absolutely love thanksgiving

It starts off the holidays,

its spent with all your family,

its full of food (duh)

and it reminds you the impprtance of being grateful...

although we should be remembering this each day

it never hurts to get a nudge right?

I have so much to be grateful for

I am truly blessed

so I had to take a few minutes to write just some of very special blessings

My family

We are random and different from one another

but still so much alike at the same time

My parents are my rock and my best friends

My brothers teach me something new all the time

and the rest of my family are the ones I know will always be there

I know these people are mine for a reason

I love them so much


the opportunity to explore and travel

throughout my entire life

has been incredible

It has given me some of my greatest memories
and taught me some of my greatest lessons

My friends

haha its no secret: I have a million best friends

I call everyone my best friends

and I mean it

I used to cry and cry if my mom wouldnt let me "play" or "hang out"

I would say, and I quote

"but my friends are all I have, they are what get me through my week"



But I was serious

I love my friends very deeply and they truly are one of my greatest blessings

A phone

O thank goodness for my phone!

Kylee is in mississippi

Suz is in DC

Brooke is in Hawaii

Scott is in NYC

Brad, Chels, Torrie, Daniel...and way more

are in Utah

being away from these people has been heartbreaking

but I am beyond thankful that I can still talk to them whenever

its makes missing them a little easier...

a very little...but still!


I am healthy and able to do whatever I want

I am young and excited for my life ahead

I complain about not being/looking exactly the way I want


I have to do the above ^

because Heavenly Father blessed me with this body

I should be thanking my lucky stars for its health

and then putting it to good use

This boy

Dont know what I would do without him

He truly treats me the way I know any father would be proud

He loves me unconditionally no matter my moments

He makes me happier than I have ever been

I am SO grateful

Most importantly:

This place and the gospel it represents
Seven years ago I discovered something and I had no idea where it'd take me

It was the absolute best decision of my life

I gained a relationship with my Heavenly Father and my Savior

The gospel has brought me so much peace, joy, comfort, happiness...

the list could go on

How grateful I am for a plan, an eternal plan

and for the chance to live my family forever