Friday, November 11, 2011

Lieutenant Colonel Hink

(So this is a little late...I tried to get it posted on friday but wasnt working...better late than never!)

This is my Veteran Dad

Lt. Colonel Hink

He is pretty awesome

and he served our country for

26 years in the US Army.

I could list all of his military accomplishments,

but I know I won't do them justice...

or even be able to list all of them.

But when I say he was/is a big deal,

I am not exaggerating.

(third from the left)

He has sacrificed so much for my family

and for all of us.

I could not be more proud.

(2nd from left..what a stud)

On friday morning when I told him

thank you

He said...

I feel bad when people tell me thank you for my service

because I enjoyed it and I feel like it wasnt service...

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Welp there you have it.

Like I said: he is awesome.

He sacrificed a ton and yet he feels guilty for being thanked

all because he enjoyed serving.

I love you Dad and Happy late Veteran's Day