Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DC day 1

So this trip may have been a month and a half ago

but better late than never

and this is mainly for Suz

and myself

so its getting posted :)

I went to visit one of my dear and best friends

Miss Suzette Swallow

(who I miss terribly)

in her recent stomping grounds of


when she found out this was where she would be in the fall

I assured her I would be paying her a visit

she didnt believe me

but you bet your bottom dollar on

that October 20th morning

I stepped off a plane on the other side of the country

and it was a blast

I took the red-eye out on wednesday and had a layover in Boston

lets just say sleep wasnt really on the agenda this trip

But I successfully got to DC

checked in at Suz's apartment

and headed to the capitol to finally see ms. suz

It was grand reunion!

we then took a tour of her office

met everyone in her office

took a legit tour of the main capitol building

and if you know suz...we went where we werent supposed to and never waited in line

of course

then it was back to pick up our stuff and head out...

we went downtown to eat dinner at this yummy burger joint

then to gelato to meet miss kendis

(o how I miss the days of the 5th)

Then Suz and I decided to head to the White House

and experience some touristy fun

On our way back towards the metro we decided to stop for pictures

naturally (thank me for not overloading...because these are like 1/100000)

o and then ya know

check out the occupy DC protest


is all I can say to this

Suz was dead set on heading here...

so we did...

I was afraid for a bit but then I realized how funny it was

and it made my night

Moreeeeee to come!