Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Not to be rude...but you dont deserve to have a blog"

This ^ was a text I received from one of my very best friends just yesterday. I had to laugh, but I know she is completely right. So I decided I need to be better...whether people look at this or not, it'll be for my own gain.

To start, I guess I should say...

I am a college graduate!


As exciting as it is, it was harder for me to grasp than I thought it would be.

I feel like it was in an instant and my childhood was gone.

Now on to real world jobs, paying bills, and a whole different type of responsibility

I loved every minute of my time in college.

I loved BYU

I loved the zoobiness (as much as we made fun of it...we all secretly loved it)

I loved the games

I loved 5th floor "study" habits

I loved meeting new people

I loved the emotional breakdowns because they made me stronger

I loved the trials because they taught me so much

I loved being spiritually strengthened every day

I loved the people and the lasting relationships I made

I loved being the "punching bag" to absorb everyones problems because it meant they loved me and trusted me

I loved living with amazing girls

I loved funny dating stories

I loved watching my friends fall in love

I loved ALL of my wards

I loved feeling loved all the time

I loved gaining an appreciation for Arizona and my home

and most of all...

I loved finding out who I am and becoming confidant in who I (think) am meant to be
The day of graduation I couldn't help but be sentimental.

I sat with tears in my eyes as I watched my best friends in my major walk across the stage with a huge smile on their face and realized who knows if and when I will ever see them again.

I thought back to each person I met and the impact they had on me.

It is remarkable...the people I met and the amazing light they showed to me.

I gained relationships I will have forever

I learned lessons I will have forever

I am totally and completely changed because of my time at BYU

And where in the world where I be without these two?? I recently had the opportunity to go to girls camp and help teach a workshop to all the cute campers. As three other girls and I sat in front of these younger girls, we tried our best to tell them everything we wish we would have known in school. One of the things I reiterated over and over was this: YOUR PARENTS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. It took me awhile, but I figured that out. And these two are no different. All they want is the best for me and they believe in me more than anyone. I could not be more thankful for them!

So this is me, a newly graduated BYU alumni at just 21. I am young, excited, nervous, happy, and scared out of my mind all at the same time. It is so interesting how life works...and how fast it goes. I had a hard time leaving this world and stepping into an unknown new one...but I know itll be great. Another one of my best friends said as I left Provo, "I feel bad for people who look back on college as the best time of their life. It was great and fun but the best is yet to come". So here is my new motto...The best is yet to come

And I cannot wait!