Saturday, October 23, 2010


So I officially turned the big 2-1 on August 29th
So yes, that is approx. 2 months ago
But I struggle at blogging
and seeing as im pretty sure only my family
really follows my blog
im still going to post this because I know they'd want me to
Since my birthday was on a sunday
Some of my favorite girls(and missing many)
went out to eat on saturday!
Then on my actual was a party!
It was the day before school started
up here at the Y
so it was the first day at a new ward and
you know what that means...
When I got up to introduce myself in combined
sunday school
Bro. Neilsen (I was in the ward last year)
announces its my birthday
So I was sang to
very loudly...and very off-key
but it was so funny! And embarassing/awkward...
Then Ky announces we're having a dessert party that night
so almost all of my ward came
along with so many other dear friends...
and some peeps I didnt know...thats what happens
when you say "dessert party" in provo...
But it was a blast!!

This is blury but O how I love these guys...had to give them a shout out!
haha my friend thayne (on the left) saw this picture
and named them the "409 dream team"
...enough said
This is my good friend Dave Andrew. We've been friends for about a year and a half now and we take the credit for Kylee and Scott...just for the record...we make a good team :)
My roommates this year. I have been sooooo blessed with amazing roommates my entire college career, and these girls could not be greater, I LOVE THEM!

These are some of the most wonderful friends! Ali and Amy also made their way back to their old home, good ol #426, to support me...see im tellin ya...ive been so lucky!
O Bradley...wouldnt survive without him!
This child. Where to begin. She made the day possible! Along with lots of help from my roomies and their boys. Kylee made me a book with pictures and notes written from so many loved ones of mine. It was the best gift I could have ever been given. To those of you that contributed, once again, THANK YOU, it means more than you know!
I really had the best birthday yet!