Thursday, February 18, 2010

Orange Blossoms

I AM GOING HOME IN 3 WEEKS! I cannot wait! I was in Ky's room this morning subjecting her to my usual incessant talking and she mentioned that she for sure would be heading to Mesa on March 11th and suggested I come anyone who knows me knows I would jump at the chance to be home, so I quickly checked my planner and good news, all my midterms will be done by then so it took me .2 seconds to say, "KY IM COMING WITH!"

I seriously could not be more excited

Mexican food
My home
My mesa!
and best of all...

March is my absolute favorite time of the year

I LOVE having the nice spring weather, sunny skies,

and coming out of my house at night smelling the sweet aroma of the orange blossoms

I think only people from mesa appreciate this piece of heaven
I always tell people up here how much I love march for this very reason

and they always look at me with a smile that says...

"Hmmm you get that much joy out of an orange smell...ya...good for you"
But I dont care, its simply the best and I cannot wait so see you soon Mtown!