Thursday, January 5, 2012


Popping the question...such a big deal in a person's life huh?
I think back now and
(two short weeks later)
wish I would have taken it in just a bit more...
I think I was just in shock and so excited it all just whirled around me! was the most perfect proposal...for us.
I loved everything about it.

So here it is:
We knew we were getting married
(I know I know such a mormon cliche...o well)
But for a number of legitimate reasons I didnt think we'd be getting engaged for talking early January at the very earliest.
Therefore saying I was majorly surprised is an understatement...
but it was just the way I liked it :)

For a while we had talked about doing a hay ride/caroling outing with friends before Christmas.
So on wednesday (Dec. 21st) we planned to carry this out.
When I say "we" I mean Josh and his guy friends...haha
We met up, had a bunch of good friends there, and caroled the night away
in really really bad tone
poor neighbors...

At the end "we" decided to head over to Luke's house,
(Josh's best friend/other boy at slip n slide whose name I "forgot?")
carol to his family, and call it a night.
Sooooo we jump out of the truck and onto the tractor ready to carol.
At this point everyone is standing around instead of sitting (clue 1)
and the house lights are all off (clue 2)
So I am standing on the hay with Brooke and I think Kenz?
and have my arms around Josh below me.
Our friend Spencer gets his video camera out (clue 3)
and says he wants to video us singing really awesomely...haha ya right.
Spencer and Josh are literally staring at eachother and not saying anything with words (clue 4)
Then Josh grabbed my hand slowly while he said something to Spencer.

At that same time his voice changed a he sounded nervous (clue 5)

I STILL HAD NO CLUE...amongst all the clues...this girl was clueless
get the picture?

All of a sudeen I looked over and saw Luke bend down and plug something in.
This is what turned on on top of his roof:

Want to know what I did?
Thought to myself:
"Cool they wrote something in lights on the roof!"
then...when it clicked...I looked behind me because there was no way this was for me!
haha retarted Im aware. but all who really know me shouldnt be surprised :)
At the same time Josh had turned around, opened the box and said,
"Katelin, will you marry me?"

Now, these are the best parts...

-I was so tall on the hay he couldnt get down on one knee
-Add together extreme excitement/shakyness/shocked+really clumsy...I fell onto my kness and onto the hay
-At that time he quickly got down on one knee after (I told him a long time ago I wanted a "kneee proposal"...sweet he remembered) he had asked me and I had yet to answer...poor kid
-As I am repeatedly saying "are you serious"..."are you kidding me"
-He sweetly says..."Please say yes"
I then say "YESSS" and knock the ring and box right out of his hand!
But it is all good because it stayed in the box
he put it on my finger
and BAM we were happily engaged!

It was the happiest day of my life thus far as I know it will be topped by our wedding day.
He worked for three days to build the massive contraption with Luke and tried really hard to surprise me and make it exactlty something I would have loved.
Two of my best friends were there
We now have pictures
We have it videotaped
He literally got me my dream ring
AND best of all:
He made me the luckiest girl by asking me to spend forever with him! I should have been on my knees begging him because I know im getting the better deal but I thank my lucky stars regardless!

APRIL 13TH here we come and you ALL are invited!

Pics of the lovely event :)

the sweet boys who made it all possible

soooo happy they were there!

haha just thought this was funny

I debated putting this up...but its my journal so hey! I gotta. The picture does not do it justice let me tell ya!