Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Story time

So Im engaged...can you say weirdddddd


But I have never been happier!

So here is my version of our tale (journal time so beware)

enjoy...or just skip along to the end since they'll be lots of words


In may I had graduated from BYU and had come home for a couple weeks.

I had every intention of going back up and figuring out the life I would live for the next year. In Utah.

So I am sitting at church that first sunday and everyone is bearing their testimony about how it is important to do what the Lord wants you to...even if you dont want to.

The thought pops in my head

"you havent even prayed about moving need to"

ummmmm ya right

the thought pops in some more

ummmmmm ya right


and again

o and again

(you get the picture)

So then I thought alright alright I really should...

but mind you I was NOT moving back to mesa.


I was set on that.

So I prayed anyways because my testimony of knowing what I should do of course ended up overtaking.

I immediately felt like moving back home was the right thing...

ummmmmmm ya right.

I remember telling my dad and he added to the idea and said he thought that all along.

(granted this was me making his dream come true)

I told no one else.

I continued to pray and reflect and think...

the answer was strong and hard to miss.

I pretty much got hit over the head with a bat that said


So I told my family and friends.

The ones here were ecstatic,

the ones in ptown...not so much.

I cried, and cried, and cried a whole bunch more.

For some reason this decision and major change became one of the hardest things I had ever done.

Everything ended up working out perfectly as far as hours for certification, an incredible learning opportunity, living situation, name it and it worked out.

I was given tender mercies


Heavenly Father knew I needed them.

So July 10th I said goodbye to the place that shaped me more than any other experience

I said goodbye to many best friends

I said goodbye to my school

my ward

my comfort

my home for the last several years...

and cried my way back to mesatown

while my mom drove and my dad led us along.

(sidenote: I sound so dramatic im aware. forgive me. those who have done this understand)

So 10 short hours later I rolled back in to my home sweet home.

No clue what was in store

BUT beyond thankful for the assured knowledge that

this was Heavenly Father's plan for me.

It was where I was supposed to be

and therefore it would all work out perfectly.

Well it did...better than imagined.

And let me say, I think Josh is a HUGE part of why I was supposed to be here.

I dont, however, think it was the whole reason.

This job has allowed me to share the gospel many times,

Ive been able to travel and grow,

Ive been able to be with my family more

and spend time with friends that I need more than ever.

But let me go on to tell you the best story of all...


Exactly two weeks after I moved home Brooke and I ventured to a combined fhe-a slip and slide


Anyyyyyways we decided we needed to be outgoing and meet some new peeps.

So we were walking along and here comes two boys:

one I recognized from highschool

one I thought way wayyyy cute

Ya but dont worry he didnt look at me...not even a glance!

He was set on that slip and sad.

So a little later we are standing around with a bunch of our guy friends.

We had not accomplished our goal quite yet.

BUT if you know me at all you know I have NO problem going up to someone new...

and this time my sights were set on those two boys.

I kept making awkward eye contact with the cute one

and finally decided to head on over!

I promptly went up to the one I recognized, told him so, and asked him to remind me his name.

No worries I totally remembered his name but I couldnt look like a creep now could I!?


Josh says the following:

"I saw you and thought you were hot (Im gonna go with "cute" since it sounds better) but you were surrounded by a bunch of guys so I couldn' you kept catching me staring and I was awkward"

hahahaha o sweet Josh...

So we chat.

About how they are step brothers


About how old they are


and about some more lies...

Then they told us they were in a church movie

actually true.

They were funny I will admit

and I kept on thinking...dang this "josh kid" is cute!

Welp we said nice to meet you and headed out.

I thought to myself

"we'll see them again"

I was not worried.

Fast forward to that sunday where Brooke, Kenz and I are at Kenz's house.

I get a friend request from someone named Josh Figuero(a)?

Yes we thought it was figuero...and naturally all three of us started singing


After we got that out I looked and squealed,

"OH my gosh its that Josh kid, Brooke!"

We couldnt believe it.

How did he find me?

And better question...

how did he know how to spell my name??

Well he had messaged me too and invited me to a game night

I was gonna go so he got my number...

then we bailed.


BUT lucky for me he was persistent.

He invited me a couple days later to a friends dinner party thing...

I couldnt go.


Soooooo third times a charm!

We planned on getting icecream on thursday

(the night before I got surgery and would be down for a week)

The date was awesome.

We chatted and chatted till they closed.

I got surgery on friday and we texted that night.

We talked on saturday.

We talked on sunday...

and we have talked every day since.

He came to visit me that week

(I had on oversize sweats, greasy hair, hadnt taken a shower in days, no makeup, and was on major pain killers...yaaaa still dont know how hes around)

Its an understatement to say we hit it off quickly.

We continued to talk, hang out, date and get to know eachother.

8 weeks later he told me he loved me in good ol California...

and December 21st he asked me to marry him!

I count my many blessings for him and thank Heavenly Father every day!

He knew I needed him and will forever need him.

He balances me in the exact ways I need him and treats me like a return

I keep his life entertaining, haha yep, all im good for pretty much :)

We're excited and cant wait for APRIL 13TH!

More on the proposal later!