Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Are those windows not stunning?
They have always been my favorite thing about our humble abode away from home.
Along with our stone fireplace.
This cabin has been in my family since before I was born.
I love going up there.
I will admit I didn't always enjoy spending time up north...
in fact I was a very classic teen who would rather hang with friends on the weekend.
I have since grown up and my view has taken a 180 degree turn.
My love for the north and my cabin has grown even more since I married a Hunter
and lover of anything out-doorsy.
We are up there every month at least...and with either my family or Josh's family in tow.
Marriage has taught me a lot thus far...
but above anything my appreciation and love for family has multiplied ten-fold.

Anywho, on Saturday I woke up to a gone-to-scout husband and a picture message from him.
It was snowwwwww
I JUMPED out of bed, opened the windows, and I awoke to snow everywhere.
I was in heaven.
On Sunday, the same sight, only more puffy whiteness to bid me good morning.
Oh ya I also woke up to my car door open...
thats what you get when a sleepy, hunting obsessed husband leaves at 5am in 1 degree weather.
Good times.
I was always one of the few "mesa girls" in P-town that sincerely loved the snow.
Don't get me wrong snow during finals in April was not ok...and I was not loving it then.
But, I loved the beautiful white, the fun coats, the feeling of true winter.
I was bummed when I left, knowing I would only have 2 seasons being back in AZ.
I am grateful for a place to sneak away to to get my fix of a
Winter Wonderland

Um how cute is this?
Josh and his little brother matching in their camo.
 We always say we want little Colten's of our own one day...cutest kid around.