Sunday, November 11, 2012


Today is Veterans Day.
This here is a Veteran.
He happens to be my hero.
And he is my DAD.
I grew up moving,
living in other countries,
speaking a different language,
going on field trips to histroical european sites,
and eating yummy food/the best chocolate in the world.
I. Loved. Every. Minute.
All because my hero served in the Army for The United States of America
He gave 26 years of his heart and soul...along with his blood, sweat, and tears.
He loved every minute.
He acts like serving was was his duty.
If I say thank-you to him he says, 
"I have a hard time when people say that because I've just been
doing what I seems selfish to be thanked for doing what you love"
when he retired, he still didn't leave military life behind.
He is head over all JROTC in Phoenix.
I believe that all the men and women who serve deserve ALL our
respect, admiration, and prayers.
They sacrifice a well as their families.
After the results of the election results on Tuesday...
I could not help but be nervous for our Country.
I hope...and have to have faith that the President will help bring our Country back.
However, I am a skeptic, and I worry.
But, you want to know the worst part?
I pray that the country becomes glorious again the way it is meant to be for the fact that COUNTLESS men and women have fought for that very ideal.
It should not be taken away from any of us, but most especially them.
They fought for freedom, hard work, and the right of life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness.
Thank you Veterans.
You are all my Hero.
I am indebted to you for your sacrifice and service.