Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving!!
Naturally I have to post a "thankful" post like everyone else in the blog world :)
But, none the less, here are my top 5.
This guy.
Oh how I love him.
My mom just said to me 1 hour ago,
"He loves you. So much. You are so lucky"
I really did get lucky-or rather the better word-
I am blessed to have found him, somehow made him fall in love with me, and married him.
He is the perfect one for me and I can't believe how I got him, but I pray thanks every single day.
Which brings me to my #2.
My marriage.
I got lucky in that department too.
Granted, it's been almost 8 months, I am NO expert.
But Im grateful for the relationship we have and for the lessons we've learned.

 My friends.
K seriously I am beyond thankful for my friends...
from ones Ive known for years, to ones I hardly get to talk to but are still close to my heart,
they are special to me.
OH so special and dear to my heart.

Our family.
I've said it before and I'm going to say it again.
Blessed, blessed, blessed.
I was sent to an incredible family who raised me in an ideal life.
Then, I found a boy who had the same experience...
soon meaning I gained another family that treated me like their very own and whom I love so dearly.
My job.
You guys..its hard.
I've cried plenty and complained plenty and been frustrated plenty.
Granted, I am a speech teacher-so not as much responsibility as the main teachers-
but because I am in a self-contained special ed room its a different type of speech experience.
The first quote is spot on.
The second one may be a bit much...but close...not much phases me anymore.
Those kiddos can drive me crazzzzzzzzzy
but then they can make me cry laughing and smile from ear to ear.
Everything has its ups and downs...
but I am beyond grateful for that very component in my job.
So all in all we're happy, healthy, and very blessed.
Thankful for our blessings and recognize our Heavenly Father's hand in our life.
The gospel being our OVERALL "thankful for" blessing in our lives!