Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Well my oh my how the time flies!
Can you even believe that the holidays have come and gone...
and so has 2012?
I have plenty of things I want to document but until then here is a quick view
of what we have been up to as of late.

Our first MARRIED Christmas and the first Figureroa family tree.
I loved having our own home at Christmas all decorated and just for us.
Living in Provo I always decorated our apartment and although my roomies laughed I know they loved it
and this time it was a bit odd...decorating like I do every year...but this time for me and my husband.
Such a neat feeling.

We headed to the RV show in Glendale the first weekend in December.
We went with my soon to be retired parents and looked at RV's that cost more than our first house will.
They are huge and amazing and just unreal.
Can't wait for the parentals to get one and we get to reap the benefits.

The pops turned 60 and we celebrated by seeing the Hobbit.
Love him!

Went to Pigglys at the Fair
twice in two weeks and ate our hearts out.
The best southern hospitality this side of the Mississippi and a riot none the less.
Everyone go...its a treat.

Then Christmas came and SURPRISE...
"We're going to DISNEYLAND!!!"
Josh spoiled me rotten.
Along with other treasures he planned a trip to Disneyland 
for us and my parents.
He knew it wouldn't be the same without them...for me anyways.
He is truly the best!

I had a bunch of reunions with friends in town for Christmas
and loved every.single.minute.
I miss each one of them so much.

Rang in the New Year with Josh's family
and it was a PARTYYYY.
I love them! I got so lucky.
Sadly I was about to pass out at 10 but no worries I made it!
Thank the heavens.

Then it was off to DISNEYLAND 
and it was an absolute blast!
We had an amazing time and more on it later.

Happy 2013 folks!
Cant wait to see what the year holds!