Wednesday, May 23, 2012

04-13-12 ~girls and boys~

Is this not the greatest picture?
These boys do this exact pose for every friend that gets married.
The "bicycle rider" is the coeveted position and Josh finally got to experience it.
When they pulled this out no one saw it coming and stopped in their tracks to watch and laugh.

I have been extremely blessed with amazing friends.
All my life.
From friends that I met in Europe I still remember and hold dear,
to friends I left in washington 13 years ago that I still talk to.
But moving to Arizona and meeting the people I have...
to gaining best friends from my time at BYU...
Blessed doesnt even begin to describe how I feel about them in my life.
I wish I could have 20 girls in this picture with me
but Josh drew the line at 6...understandably so when a double digit # freeked him out

 But how grateful I was to have these girls by my side on our day.
Each one has a different story and we each have a different relationship...
one I treasure.

I met Kenzie on the first day of 7th grade where she confidently waltzed up, sat down next to me, and became my forever friend. No one can make me laugh like she can.
Missy the sister I never had and is part of the family that held my hand through my conversion and everything that goes with it. We will always have a relationship like no one else...and I hold that super close to my heart.
Kylee-my sweet Kylee. We went from school friends, to going to Newport together (6 times), to becoming the very best of friends. Living with me for 3 years and being there for every breakdown and every crazy story makes her a true and amazing friend-who I miss terribly while shes on the other side of the country being a star.
Natty-cakes. Hahaha oh she is the best. We went from knowing eachother in choir in junior high, to being on pom together, to deep chats on the track during football games, to the best of friends who only grew closer at college in another state. No one seems to understand my deep thinking like her.
Suz...oh I truly only wish everyone knew Suz like I do. The outspoken, honest, smart, loving, crazy at times just like me ;)  do anything for you, amazing friend she is. She is always there no matter what.
 The sweet Karly Andrew, who I will always know as Karly Kimball. She was in my first ward at BYU and lived across the hall. She was stunning and sweet as could be, but I remember that halloween night where her and I sat and talked forever...becoming friends quickly. Now one of my best friends, she is such a hard worker who I have always known for going after what she wants, a true California beauty, and the nicest and most kindhearted person I have ever met.
AND I have to mention my sweet bestie, Brooke. She is at BYUHawaii having the time of her life. She was all set to catch the red eye the night before our wedding. I woke up to a text from her friday morning explaining she couldnt get on and spent all night trying to find another way home. We were both heartbroken. She has been one of my best friends since sophomore year of HS. She knows every story of mine-secret or not-and is amazing. But you were there in spirit my love-I cant wait to see you soon!

I had always hoped I would marry someone who had amazing friends like I do.
Who loved them like family and had millions of stories about them.
I got exactly what I wished for.
Josh loves his friends and is loyal to them no matter what.
He has the best stories and always tells them to me while smiling like a kid and laughing to himself.
He always said, "Luke and I would go on dates just so we could hang out together"
and boy is it me, I can attest.
I feel blessed for our good fortune in having amazing friends
and I feel even more blessed that they shared our wedding day with us.