Thursday, May 17, 2012

Helllllo New Life...

...and what a wonderful life it is!

Josh and I sealed the deal on Friday the Thirteenth.
Of April.
Yes. You heard right. Friday the thirteenth.

When we were engaged people either said...
oooohhhh good luck and looked at us weird...
or thought it was cool and didnt believe in superstition so it didnt matter!
Naturally, we were the latter.

It turned out to be the perfect day.
Im not going to came with many bumps in the road.
No matter how many times someone told me that things will go wrong you just cant help it,
I didnt believe them.
I thought, if I do everything in my power to make it run smoothly, it will.
ohhh was I wrong.
that is for me to write in my journal and not on here.
Because no matter the set backs it was THE.PERFECT.DAY
The weather:
I showed up to Josh's house on Easter morning (the sunday before our wedding) bawling.
Like reallllly bawling.
He now has a ruined shirt.
I had just checked the weather for friday:
60 degrees and rain...
and for an outisde wedding you can imagine my fear.
But after countless family and friends texted me all week with good weather reports ,
(amongst the continuing bad ones)
and I prayed and fasted like a mad woman for good weather,
It all worked out.
It was amazing.

The day was beautiful and sunny but NOT hot at all.
Then the wind kicked up a ton before the reception...
but right before friends family showed up for pictures it just stopped
and didnt come back until the end of our reception.
So moral of the story:
Heavenly Father sure answers prayers and sure loves when two people come together forever in the House of the Lord.

More breakdown of our day coming soon :)
Until then here are some pictures for me to swoon over.
For now we are nestled into our new home. Together. And truly loving every minute.
Life is busy with work, school, family, and responsibility.
But I must say, as cheesy as this sounds, I have never felt more like where I am is exactly where I am supposed to be.
I feel huge joy and excitement for my new role and my new responsibilities.
I hate laundry...
but other than that I love it all :)

Isn't he handsome?