Thursday, May 24, 2012

04-13-12 ~details~

Just some beautiful pictures to show some beautiful detail.
If you know know that
were the absolute perfect colors for me.
It didnt even take me 2 seconds to decide that detail for our day.
I loved it. Classy. Elegant. Simple...I so badly wanted it to comprise those three words...
and in my opinion-our wedding did just that.

In other t-minus 7 hours Josh and I will be leaving on a jet plane to...
We are beyond excited!
Josh served a mission for our church to Jamaica.
While there, him and his companion were called to open the islands of Turks and Caicos for missionary work...they were the very first two.
Amazing right?
He loves his mission and he loves Turks...almost as much as me...NO.JOKE.
So off we go to where he finally gets to get in the water and swim, lay on the beach, and be a tourist!