Friday, May 18, 2012

Wedding Dinner

Josh's parents hosted our super fun wedding dinner the night before our wedding.
It was full of yummy food
tons of family
lots of laughing
and many best friends

During the day...we went through quite a bit.
I successfully stressed out my family even more
worried Josh
cried many tears
and scared my videographer to the point he was afraid to call me
hahaha oh its histerical to look back on now.

But I got home, rushed to get ready, pulled up to the building, saw my whole family...
and a huge peace passed over me.
This was our wedding and it only will happen once.
All of a sudden every stressful thing on my mind didnt matter anymore.
All that mattered was we were surrounded with people we love and who love us back
and no matter what we would be married the next day.
All. That. Matters.

So I get over to my out-of-town family, ecstatic to see everyone together...
and who walks up?
Suz, Matt, Karly, and Dave
Four of my best friends who made the trek for our wedding from California.
I was BEYOND BEYOND thrilled!
Then I saw Chelsey, Torrie, Kylee and Scott earlier, and Jake the next day.
I felt complete.
I had best friends from all over come to AZ specifically to see us get married.
It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.
That is one of my very favorite things about our wedding...
Josh and I.
Family-near and far.
Friends-near and far.

 Two of Josh's amazing cousins
More of the Fig and Heywood clan
 My new brother-in-law, is he not adorable!
Truly the best behaved and sweetest kid around
 ^ all my loves v
 Thanks to Suz for all these pictures :)
Missing Scott and Jake in this picture.
Scott was out of the state for a day...hardest worker I know,
Jake flew in the next day.
But loved seeing their faces in the temple!

Onto the roast.
We watched our amazing video by Farnsworth Videography,
then Cody, Josh's brother, had a surprise for us.
The curtains opened on the stage and 2 chairs sat waiting for us.
Josh told his mom the only thing he wanted was a roast
So he got it.
hes the prince in the family.

For those of you who are wondering what exactly that is...
Its where friends and family get up and tell embarssing/funny stories about you.
I was laughing so hard I cried.

After Cody finished
he is histerical
when I met him I told Josh he was my favorite Figueroa
because he always has me laughing.
He said,
"Now remember folks, this is a roast, not a toast"

So Josh's friends and family got up and told stories
about his mischevious days
when him and Seth were "indecent"
when he constantly played pranks on his friends
etc. etc. etc.
There wasnt a face in that place without a smile

Then my friends got up and instead of roasting...they were toasting
I cried
each and every time one of them spoke.
They mostly told about how social I am
and how I never studied...just was a 5th floor regular at BYU
ummm slightly embarssing
but completely true.

It was so fun, loving, histerical, kind,
and my sweet miltary-never seen him cry-dad...
got choked up.

It was a night to remember and one we will never forget!