Sunday, June 3, 2012

04-13-12 ~Our Family~

I have been blessed with an incredible family
turns out
so was my sweet husband.
We are extremely lucky.
Once my mom met his family and heard stories about them
she used to cry because she was so happy I would be marrying into an amazing family.
Now her and Josh's mom, Linda, text and talk.
They are adorable...and they get along so dream!
Our day was special because of the covenants we made and the people we shared it with.
We are so thankful for both our families and for their constant love and support.

Along with my two wonderful in-laws...
I gained an older sister, a younger sister, and 2 more brothers-but this time, younger
I am thrilled!

 And it wouldnt be right to not acknowledge my incredible parents.
They worked so hard and supported me so much to make my dream wedding come true.
They have been my biggest cheerleaders since I was born...
I wouldnt be who I am
or where I am
without them.
I love you mom and dad more than you'll ever know!