Friday, June 15, 2012

A wedding...A baby...A weekend

Last week was quite the week!
It started on wednesday when wedding festivities began for Rachel and Jarom.
Then thursday began with me hearing the news that one of my best friends
had her sweet baby Liam early thursday morning.

So off I was to a day full of a gorgeous temple ceremony
a happy happy couple
visiting and snuggling a sweet new baby
a ring ceremony
a super fun reception
and visiting with so many friends
It was a perfect day.

 Is he not gorgeously adorable?

The fabulous new Mrs. Rachel Rogers

So after the wedding on thursday...
I got ready to leave friday morning for an impromtu trip to Carlsbad.

My mom is getting surgery on her shoulder next tuesday.
So she wanted a chance to get out before she will be kept down for the next several months.
On tuesday I found a hotel
On wednesday my dad booked it
and on friday we were off!

Cherie got a new coach purse.
She was beyond excited and mentioned it the whole trip.
And you wonder where I get my shopping addicition from...

Story: As we are walking out the door to dinner-the night we get to Cali
I run to grab something in my bathroom stuff...
turns out my 5 blade razor wasn't covered and right at the top.
So you can guess what happens next and BAM I was cut deeeep.
My finger bled for about 15 minutes straight
like I had never seen my body do
and it hurt like a mother...
BUT ranger dan wrapped it up and off we were.
Great way to start off a trip right? ;)

It was a quick
but very fun trip.
My parents, hilarious nana, and me.
I missed my new husband but was grateful for a weekend with these folks.
I love nothing more than time with my parents-always have.

The weekend was spent...
laughing at Nana's deafness (dont judge-she laughs too)
catching up
driving around adorable neighborhoods
walking with my pops
some sight-seeing
and me chopping my finger

All good times!